Why does Food need to be Plated to make it look Attractive?

“We eat with our eyes first”. A new phrase that comes after food is no longer just a “satiety maker”. We eat with our eyes first means not only our tongues that play a role when we eat a dish. But our eyes have also contributed so much. It is said that food that looks beautiful and attractive makes anything we eat much more delicious than ever before.

This is the scientific reason why the appearance of food has a big effect

Students of a world’s leading high-strait attempt to research the relationship between food and display. They gathered 30 men and 30 women to join. Each student is treated to the same three foods having only a different look. One has an irregular appearance, one is served in a perfunctory dish, and the last one is arranged attractively and beautifully. Then, all students are asked to choose which one is the most delicious. The result is, 90% choose foods that are served nicely and neatly.

Psychologist, we judge anything from what we see then unconsciously have made assumptions. If it looks beautiful, we will automatically provide a positive assessment. So also when we judge a food. When we see a food that is presented so attractively, our brain will “auto play” thinks this food is delicious. And in fact, what we think about affects what we feel.

There is Hospitality in the food served with heart

In each food, manufacturing techniques and materials used only affect about 50%. The other half depends on how we present it. That’s why the fried rice we buy in the restaurant tastes better than the fried rice wrapped in rice paper only. In a beautiful-looking meal there is greater effort and effort. That is why; everyone is willing to pay dearly for good food eaten and unsightly.

Display becomes a new strategy of culinary business

Departure from the fact that we are willing to spend more in food for interesting, plating into a new strategy. If you are planning to build a culinary business you should start thinking about your food display. Try to compare the two foods below.

Which foods look more adorable? Approximately which foods will be photographed by your customers and uploaded them in their social networking account? Yep, the more creative you serve the regular food becomes special, the quicker your restaurant gets popularity. You need to provide an unusual brand experience when your customer is in your restaurant. Because in fact plating is identity.…

Tips to process and consume organic food

Tips on processing organic food

Recognize the source of food
  • Some food sources are often exposed to various sources of disease. Sometimes water used to clean food is also exposed to germs.
  • Knowing exactly where the water source and food will be safer for the family. We can also make choices if the water and food to be consumed is not safe.
Wash hands, cookers and groceries
  • Bacteria can develop anywhere. Cleaning up food is not enough to get rid of the germs that cause this disease. Processing should also be monitored.
  • Instead, make sure the kitchen and all cooking utensils in a clean condition. The same should also be done on the hands before cooking or eating a meal.
Separation of groceries
  • Separation of foodstuffs can prevent contamination. We recommend separating foods made from vegetables, fruits or animal, e.g. seafood, meat, eggs, fish, or poultry from materials when shopping or cooking.
  • Use cutting boards and other different tools for animal and non-animal food.
Cooking process
  • A good food processing process will prevent the entry of disease-causing bacteria into the body. The cooking process should be based on time and temperature.
  • Do not just rely on the eyes to determine whether or not mature food. Where possible, use a thermometer or temperature gauge to ensure that the food is cooked at the prescribed temperature.
  • Also avoid the consumption of food that is not cooked thoroughly, especially foods such as meat or eggs. It only invites bacteria to enter and nest in the body.
  • Cooling food will slow the growth of bacteria. Make sure the storage temperature is not just room temperature (24 ° C), or warm.
  • The temperature will not make the bacteria slow down its growth.
  • Tips for processing the latest healthy foods should, cool the animal and vegetable food that is easily damaged for two hours, or soak it in very hot water (100 ° C) if it will not soon be cooked.

Tips on Eating Organic Food

Measures that may be taken to consume organic foods are:

Organize your meals from now on.

So you do eat at certain hours that you have set before. Suppose you set your meal time is 3 times a day with a predetermined hour. Then you should eat only at the hours you have set earlier. It aims to avoid eating unnecessary food in other hours that can cause obesity.

Eat vegetables, fresh fruits and other organic products

To offset the nutrients you consume, of course you should consume a variety of minerals and also vitamins that exist in fruits and vegetables. In addition, fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber that is good for digestion. In addition, fruits and vegetables also contain antioxidants that can counteract free radicals in the body.

Avoid foods that contain high fat.

It is important to avoid high-fat foods such as fried foods, fatty meats, chicken skins and also food with coconut milk. Foods that contain high fat can cause the buildup of cholesterol in the blood that can clog the bloodstream. Therefore, you should start reducing and even avoiding high-fat foods.

Eat enough carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are a source of energy for the body. Carbohydrate will be converted into glucose in the body that can produce energy. However, if excessive glucose can cause various kinds of problems such as obesity and diabetes. To avoid this. It is important to control the consumption of carbohydrates.…

Mediterranean Eating Menu Good for Mental and Physical

Mediterranean-style food, which contains lots of seafood, will help overall health.

A study involving about 11,000 students over a four-year period found that people who ate a Mediterranean-style diet had higher questionnaires about quality of life than those who did not consume Mediterranean diet.

During this time, a diet that uses a lot of seafood from the Mediterranean region is only good for physical health. However, researchers are now finding, the consumption of food rich in seafood is also good for mental health.

The Mediterranean diet is characterized by foods containing lots of fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oil, and nuts. These foods have been shown to help reduce the chances of developing chronic disease.

People living in these dwellings are also known to have low mortality rates.

However, it is not yet known exactly what and how the impact of Mediterranean diet is affecting the quality of life and mental person.

Mediterranean-style diet, according to researchers like a food pyramid, whose main foods are cereal, fruits and vegetables, and at least 2 liters of drinking water.

In addition, the consumption of olive oil is also a major source of fat that nutrition good quality, consumption of wine in sufficient quantities is also recommended, as well as fish consumption, low-fat meat, and eggs.

At the top of the food pyramid there are sugars, sweets, cakes, pastries, sweet drinks, whose consumption is sought a little and seldom.

Researchers from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria at the University of Navarra in Spain found that respondents who ate a Mediterranean-style diet had a higher quality of life in terms of physical and mental health.

Patricia Henrmquez Sanchez, head of researcher, said: “Progressive aging in the population of developing countries makes the results of this study more interesting to find out the factors that can improve the quality of life and health of the population”.

That is, according to Sanchez, menu or diets a good Mediterranean style and can be regarded as a good diet model exemplified for physical and mental health.…

How to Make Rendang Typical of Padang Indonesia

This particular food that comes from Padang, not only popular in Indonesia alone, even outside the Indonesia country much preferred. As evidence of a restaurant that provides typical food of the prairies opened in America. Naturally, if this one favorite food to residents outside Indonesia, because Rendang is one delicious food not only from beef but the spices or sauce from the Rendang is tasty and delicious that can spoil our tongue with the delicious.

The main ingredients to make Rendang Padang are as follows:

Prepare the typical beef meat that has been washed as much as approximately 2 pounds. Then prepare as much as 1 liter of coconut milk (coconut milk juice) and 1 liter of coconut milk that has been mixed with water.

Spices that need to be prepared are as follows:

3 pieces of fresh turmeric leaves then tied into one in the form of a knot
4 leaves of lime leaves as a lethargic fishy smell
3 lemongrass stems that have been contaminated
1 segment of acid acid gelugur or kandis

The smoothed ingredients are as follows:

3 cm laos or galangal
3 cm turmeric burned and cleaned skin
2 cm ginger burned and cleaned skin
150 grams of large red pepper (chili) or according to taste
150 grams of curly red pepper or to taste
15 shallots
6 cloves of garlic
5 candlenuts
1/2 tablespoon coriander
1 teaspoon cumin cooking without oil (roasted)
1 teaspoon nutmeg
2 teaspoons of salt

Process of Rendang Padang:

Gently put the liquid milk into the pan and mix it with the leaves of turmeric, tamarind, lemongrass and all the spices that have been mashed. Then flatten slowly by stirring.
Cook the coconut milk with medium heat while stirring so that the coconut milk does not stick to the edge of the frying pan (not broken). Stir the dough until evenly for about 30 minutes and then insert pieces of beef that has been cleaned slowly and evenly.
Keep stirring the beef in medium heat until coconut milk removes the oil and the beef is cooked outside and inside.
Lift and serve with a large plate.

Simple tips you can do when cooking Rendang:

Use pure coconut milk from the coconut milk, not from instant coconut milk because coconut milk is very influential on the results of cooking because the oil from dried coconut milk will affect the taste savory and Rendang typical pleasures.
Always use fresh meat. And do not cut it in the direction of the tendon because the meat will be hard to tender. Cut the meat with a square shape that transverse or across the direction of the veins. So that the meat is not easily destroyed, then you can cut it with a rather large size.
In order for the meat is not vulnerable destroyed, you can lift the meat after cooked and separate with the marinade. Once the marinade has dried, you can mix it again.

So how to cook Rendang typical Indonesia may be useful and add your culinary insight.…

Typical Food from Countries of the World

The world is vast, and thanks to the development of the era of globalization many cultures are exchanging in all countries of the world. One of them is food. Today’s young people often eat a variety of specialties from different countries.

Here are the typical foods of the countries in the world that we summarize:

Jerk Chicken (Jamaica)

Having a unique name, what is meant by ‘jerk’ here is the Jamaican cook method where there are 2 methods of cooking meat, dried meat or meat doused with special sauces.

‘Jerk’ is a Jamaican native cooking style in which dried or wet meat is soaked with a mixture of hot spices. Seasonings are traditionally used for cooking pork and chicken, but in modern recipes they use the spice mixture for fish, shrimp, mussels, beef, sausage, lamb, vegetables and tofu.

Curry (India)

Surely we are not foreign anymore with this one cuisine. Curry is a native Indian dish that is usually eaten with rice or naan bread. And because it is cooked with a lot of spices, this dish has a sharp taste and spicy.

The herbs and spices used to make the curry are very diverse. Curry powder or masala is a mixture of various types of spices and herbs that were first made by the British in the days of the British Empire for longing with Indian curry. Now the popularity of this cuisine has spread all over the world and the types of charcoal are adapted to the tastes of each country.

Kimchi (Korea)

Kimchi is a spicy vegetable fermented with spicy seasoning. The most commonly made kimchi vegetables are radishes and mustard greens. After salted and washed, the vegetables are mixed with herbs made from krill shrimp, fish sauce, garlic, ginger and red pepper powder.

Kimchi is usually placed at the dinner table as a companion of dishes like pickles, but not infrequently kimchi mixed directly into the cuisine such as fried rice or soup.

Rendang (Indonesia)

Who are people who do not know the typical cuisine of this country Indonesia? Rendang is a spicy flavored meat dish that uses a mixture of various herbs and spices. This cuisine is produced from a heated cooking process repeatedly with coconut milk for hours to dry and solid black.

In 2011, rendang was crowned as the first ranked dish in the list of 50 World’s Tasting Courses held by CNN International. Rendang is commonly found in Padang Restaurant around the world and this cuisine is popular among Indonesians as well as countries in Southeast Asia.

Sushi (Japanese)

Sushi is a Japanese food consisting of rice clenched with side dishes of seafood, meat, raw or cooked vegetables then dyeded with soy sauce and wasabi.

The sushi rice has a delicate sour taste because it is flavored with a mixture of rice vinegar, salt, and sugar. Currently not only in Japan, all over the world including Indonesia itself also has many restaurants that serve this food.

Haupia (Hawaii)

Haupia is a traditional dessert of milk and coconut milk pudding often found in Hawaii. Since World War II, these foods are popular for use as white cake toppings at weddings. But now usually dessert is more often presented with a box shape.

Pizza (Italian)

Pizza is a flat rounded bread baked in the oven then smeared with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Usually pizza also added topping ingredients to taste like sausage, meat, peppers, mushrooms, and others. This food is popular with people of all ages we can get it very easily in various fast-food restaurants or messaging services between.

Pizza has been known by the ancient people, shaped with other pizzas today. The pizza we know now dates back to about 1600 and the pizza was not covered with tomato sauce on it. Then in the 1800s Pizza with ketchup was brought by an Italian immigrant from Napoli to New York, USA.

Tortilla (Mexico)

Based on the science of the origin of the word (etymological), the word tortilla comes from the word torta which means a round cake. In Mexico, Central America, the United States and Canada, tortillas are unsweetened flat bread made from corn or wheat.

What is made from milled corn is a North American tortilla and is widely regarded as an ‘authentic’ tortilla. The fact is that this type of tortilla existed before the arrival of Europeans in the Americas, and got the name ‘tortilla’ from the Spaniards because of its resemblance to traditional Spanish cakes and eggs.…

The Weirdest Cuisine in the World

We must have eaten a strange dish and sometimes it tastes disgusting. Not only from the way of presentation, but from the materials used. This is a strange food that is never thought of in this world.

Balut – Philippines

This dressing is based on duck eggs or chicken, which in this egg has embryo. Balut is usually eaten at the age of 17 days, when the embryo has no bones and is not fully formed. There are also those who eat it at the age of 21 days, where there are already beak, feathers, and bones. These foods are usually served steamed with shells. You can find these foods in the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam. This food is easily found in the country’s streets.

Century Eggs – Tiongkok

From the name is already seen if this food is an egg that has been a long time ago. This food comes from China and is also known as Millennium Eggs or Eggs Thousands of Years. This food comes from quail eggs, duck, or chicken. The making is not complicated, the eggs are preserved in a mixture of ash or clay and salt for several months. Then this egg white will turn into a jelly and brown. While the yolk will be green or grayish.

Haggis – Scotland

Now we are heading to Scotland where this Haggis food comes from. This food is a traditional food cooked with the stomach of a sheep that has been emptied and washed. Haggis ingredients are heart, lung, and lamb liver mixed with herbs such as salt, flour, and broths, which are then, cooked using a sheep’s stomach for several hours.

Rocky Mountain Oysters – Canada

If you read the name of the food, you would think if this food is made from oyster’s right? But you’re wrong. This food is made from testis bull or buffalo animal. The presentation of this food is quite familiar. Testes of buffalo or bull skinned and then steamed. Then mixed with flour and fried dough. Usually also added with cocktail sauce. You can see this food is enjoyed by people in America and Canada.

Sannakji (live octopus) – South Korea

It is a strange and deadly food from South Korea. The living octopus is cut into pieces, then eaten raw with soy sauce only. Keep in mind the tentacle of an octopus can stick in the throat because it is alive.

Jing Leed (Grasshopper) – Thailand

This typical Thai snack is a grasshopper that has been seasoned with salt, pepper and chili fried with a large skillet. Feels like eating popcorn. The difference, when bitten there will be a liquid that spurt from it.

Escamol – Mexico

Known as ‘caviar insects’, this dish is made from a bunch of larvae and a cocoon of ants taken from plants. Considered as a typical dish. It was like a mix of cheese, butter, and beans.


Beondegi – South Korea

Silkworms are cooked and steamed, and spiced is a popular food that you can find throughout South Korea. It was almost like wood.

Cobra Heart – Vietnam

This dish requires a very cruel preparation of the cobra. In a state of life, the cobra will be split and taken his heart to be consumed. So it is with cobra blood too. Better when the heart of the cobra is still beating, otherwise the effect will not work.

Shirako – Japan

Is the name of the animal reproduction organ parts, Shirako is a sperm bag of cod fish. It turns out the elasticity and softness of the taste can be served raw or fried.…

Tips How to Choose Vegetables with the Best Quality

Fiber is an important substance that we must meet to support the digestive system and metabolism, so that food can be absorbed properly of course must be digested well too. Fiber content can be obtained by eating vegetables. Of course to choose our vegetables Mother must be careful, because the quality of vegetables is certainly to be good and fresh so we also get a good content as well.

For how to choose a good vegetable you should pay attention to several things, well this is what we will share that is how to choose the best quality vegetables. The trick is very easy and you will quickly recognize if you already know how. Let’s see here how!

Leaf Vegetables

To choose the type of leafy vegetables such as kale, mustard greens, lettuce, spinach, etc. then you should note is:

  • The color is fresh or does not look wilted, green is fresh, not yellowing, brown, or brownish, or blackish. And most importantly the structure of the leaf bone is still visible.
  • The stem part is easily broken, not rubbery, and not mushy.
  • The leaves are intact; there are no patches, no tears, and no holes.

Vegetable Nuts

For vegetables such as beans, chickpeas, caori, and beans this long must Mother note

  • The color must be dark green
  • No spots on the trunk
  • The boundary between the seeds has not been clearly visible
  • Easy to break, not textured elastic, not slimy, and wrinkled

Fruit Vegetables

Well the next way to choose fresh vegetables type of fruit (example: tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber, gourd), this is to be considered:

  • The shape is intact, not broken, no dent, not wrinkled
  • The condition is still solid, not watery or mushy
  • Not hollow
  • Bright colors are fresh, not pale
  • The smell is fresh

Yams Vegetables

For the last vegetable type of tubers such as potatoes, carrots, cassava. How to choose this vegetable should be noted:

  • Tuber is not hollow, not mushy or watery, not wrinkled
  • Tuber skin no scratches
  • The whole shape does not dent
  • Bright and non-spotted colors

Other Vegetables

For other types of vegetables, there are some that we can recommend:

Asparagus – The stems should feel solid but soft and brightly colored, while the edges should be tight and tight. Avoid the stalks that look wilted and try to choose the stalk with a thickness that is not much different to facilitate the cooking time.

Broccoli, cauliflower – This flower-shaped vegetable must be conditioned to each other, of course with a bright green color (for broccoli). Select also the stems are solid and fresh and avoid parts of the color buds yellow. For cauliflower select the creamy white color portions.

Tips to process vegetables:

  • Vegetables will be avoided germs and dirt, if soaked in salted water. Let stand about 10 minutes, lift then wash again with running water until completely clean.
  • Vegetables will remain green, fresh, and crunchy if washed with cold water. Then dried until completely dry. Put it in a plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator.
  • In order for the freshness of vegetables last longer, before being stored in the refrigerator. We recommend insert a sponge or clean foam in charge of absorbing excess water that will cause vegetables to rot.
  • It is a mistake to think that raw vegetables contain more nutrients and antioxidants. A study in Europe showed antioxidant substances contained vegetables cooked, sliced ​​or crushed more and easily absorbed by the body than the raw vegetables. However,
  • Vitamin C is easily soluble in water and sensitive to heat. Therefore cook the vegetables as short as possible, because it will reduce the nutritional content. The best way, steam vegetables no more than seven minutes. When boiled, add vegetables when the water is boiling.
  • In order for cooked vegetables to remain fresh, boil water that has been added salt and sugar. Then enter the vegetable pieces. Let it simmer and half soft, remove. Enter the vegetables in ice water, let until the vegetables cool, drain. This will stop the cooking process, so the vegetables will look green and not too ripe.