Many bright young graduates and experienced professionals are currently looking for careers in finance. If you’re trying to fill financial positions in your company, you need to learn how to attract the best candidates. Employment agencies like Beacon Resources can help you locate candidates that would be a good match, but once you find them you need to convince them to work for you instead of your competition. Here are three financial recruiting tips that will give you a hiring edge.

  1. Go Mobile

Did you know that approximately 45% of job candidates use mobile devices to search for available careers in finance? If you haven’t gone mobile yet, perhaps this will finally give you the motivation you need. If you fail to make your website and job listings mobile-friendly, you could miss out on a lot of jobseeker interest.

  1. Brand Yourself

Companies spend millions of dollars advertising their products and services, but they often forget how important it is to advertise to potential new-hires as well. The smartest financial headhunters know how important it is to maintain a good online presence to attract top industry talent.

If a jobseeker searches for your company online, will he or she find positive information about how you interact with employees? Will he or she be able to quickly find available job openings and learn about the satisfaction levels of previous and current employees? If not, it’s time to go to work and start building the online image you want your company to have.

  1. Take Advantage of Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies make the process of finding and hiring jobseekers much easier. Beacon Resources is one such agency that serves primarily middle-market companies. If you want instant access to a broad range of financial professionals, consider working with Beacon Resources. They’ll help match you up with employees who have the skills, experience and soft traits you’re looking for.