Would space junk falling out of the sky and hitting your home be covered by insurance? Your homeowner’s insurance covers many risks, but what if something really unexpected happens? Here are five surprising risks that might be covered under your homeowner’s policy.

Falling Objects

Space debris, asteroids, blue ice, and anything else falling out of the sky can be covered by most home insurance policies. That can include trees that fall onto your house during a storm.

Drone Damage

What if your son’s drone damages your home or another property? Many homeowner policies will cover recreational drone damage if the drone owner lives with you.

Dog Bites

If your dog bites a neighbor or guest, medical treatment for injuries from the bite can be paid for by your home liability policy. Dog bites can account for one-third of all home liability claims. Some dog breeds may not be covered. Damage done by wild animals is also often covered by homeowner’s insurance, such as through insurance services Maitland FL.

Food Spoilage

Power outages can wreak havoc on your life and home. If your power goes out for several days and the food in your refrigerator spoils, your homeowner’s policy can cover the cost to replace the food.

Wedding Weather

Events held at your home, such as a wedding, may receive compensation from your homeowner’s insurance in case of rain or other disasters like a tornado, fire, and volcanic eruption. This can include the cost to relocate the event to a more expensive venue.

Your homeowner’s policy may cover other rare risks, such as tombstones, fires from lightning strikes, college dorm property. Some policies even cover damage from paranormal and religious phenomena. Consider adding an umbrella policy to your basic homeowner’s insurance policy for additional coverage to both ordinary and more unusual risks.