Anyone who has found themselves needing extra cash and fast can tell you it’s not an enviable situation to be in. However, many people will find themselves in such a situation at some point in life. If you are one of those people, you’re probably looking for ideas to get out of your situation.

Here are five ways people just like you have quickly found the cash they needed.

1. Personal Loan

Banks usually won’t work with people who don’t appear to have the ability to repay a loan. Alternative lending institutions are more understanding when it comes to finding yourself in a bind. There are numerous institutions that may be willing to work with you. For example, with a MaxLend loan, you can apply online and get quickly approved. Be sure to check the MaxLend reviews so you know what to expect.

2. Pawn Shops

Nobody likes to think of losing their valuable possessions, but during dire times visiting a pawn shop may be your only option. Pawning your television or computer system doesn’t mean you have to lose it. When you find yourself in better circumstances in a few weeks, you simply repay the money you borrowed and receive your item back.

3. Garage Sales

Garage sales are one of the fastest ways to pick up fast cash. You’ll get a variety of people at your sale, and each one has individual tastes. What you may think is junk could be a highly valuable and collectible item to another person. Music collections, dishes, and furniture are all big sellers at garage sales.

4. Offer to Babysit

Everyone knows someone with children. Where there are children, there are parents who are eager to get away. Offer to babysit a few nights a week. Parents will reward you handsomely for your efforts. These days babysitters can usually expect to make well above minimum wage for a few hours of work.

5. Become a Delivery Driver

Being a delivery driver is one of the easiest jobs available. You pick up a meal at a restaurant and deliver it to a home. Not only do many popular delivery companies pay the same day, but you have the potential to make big tips.

6. Get Extensions on Due Dates

If your need for cash has anything to do with bills coming due, many utility companies and loan companies are willing to work with you. After all, if you struggle to make the payment now, that could only make matters worse for you by your next due date. Allowing you time to get yourself in a better situation benefits everyone.

Struggling financially may be a challenging situation to be in, but it’s not a situation that can’t be overcome. Consider a short-term loan. Look around your home. Is there anything you could do without for a few weeks, or anything you can rid yourself of permanently? Ask for a little more time on your bills. Being short of cash is a temporary situation and you have the ability to come out of this on top.