Becoming an Online Marketer – Part 2

In the first part of this series, we talked about finding your niche. That is to say specifically what you like, something that you enjoy doing because we know that when we enjoy something, we are much more likely to succeed at it. Now we have to decide on a domain name in preparation for our endeavor. This domain name should have something to do with your interests, incorporating the name of the interest in some way if possible. For instance, we like affiliate marketing and online marketing in general.

Now, you can take any domain name of course, and work it, and turn it into a name synonymous with your start-up, but if you can get a domain name with some of your keywords in it, so much the better. These days, good domains are getting tougher to come across, so the answer to that is getting a longer domain name. Be careful though because you at the very least want something people will remember, but you definitely don’t want them to type for 20 minutes to type your name in the address bar either!

So now you have a new task and that is the selection of the domain name. Take your time though, don’t rush and end up with something that you don’t like using in the end. Remember that online marketing and affiliate marketing is what you are choosing to do and there’s no sense in muddying the waters already by starting off with something that you really don’t like.

Remember too, that while most people do automatically think “.com”, they are actually beginning to realize that there ,.org and a whole host of other domain extensions available, so don’t be too disappointed if you can’t find something that you like in flavor.

After you have made your domain selection, you’re going to need webhosting. You can find GOOD hosting in the range of $5.00-$10.00, and perhaps some a little less than that. I would stay far, far away from the dollar hosts though. They generally make up the loss in revenue on each sale, by severely overloading and overselling resources on their servers. They have to or they would go down the tubes fast. Most of them do anyway because of poor service and uptime.

You may want to also consider using a service like Turnkey Websites to get your domain, website and hosting all in a single package. AllStar Webhosting is the service that your site will be hosted on, known for its superior uptime and server speed so you know when you deal with Turnkey Websites, you’re dealing with reliability.