Blog Marketing – Why You Should Do It

Blog marketing is something that you definitely want to do in your business. Blogging provides a way for you to interact with your prospects, and to help build valuable relationships all at the same time. If you aren’t doing blog marketing in your business today, you’re missing out on a ton of sales and profits.

This is different from starting your own forum. You see with a forum, it’s like a catch 22. You want people to come and post on your forum, but if someone comes and visits your forum and it looks like there’s not a lot of activity going on… they won’t bother to join and post, and interact on your forum.

However with blogs, this is totally different. Your blog can be easily found via the search engines. And the more posts you make, the more traffic you will get to your blog. You could even lead people to your blog, and make it the sole source of income for you. All you have to do to monetize your blog is use Google AdSense, or sell via affiliate products. Or if you have written your own eBook or book, guide your blog followers to your product page.

With a blog, you can become widely successful. Just imagine how much traffic you would get if you posted unique content to your blog each and every day. You’d start getting targeted traffic immediately. A lot of businesses have blogs besides their core website, and they’re using it to build that relationship with their list.

One thing you will want to do with your blog is to encourage your people to subscribe to your blog. Whenever you make a new blog post everyday, they will get contacted by email and will be informed that you have new content on your blog. There are many people who will be interested in learning more for you, and you can use this feature as a way to bring people back to your blog, and to improve your blog profits.

Another thing that you will want to do is allow readers to leave comments on your blog. The majority of your subscribers will post and leave messages that are helpful for others to see. Now some readers will comment on your blog because they think it’s a great way to get a lot of traffic back to their website. So make it a point to monitor your posts, and remove anything that isn’t relevant to your blog post.

If you don’t already have a blog, you can get a free one at . If you’re an advanced blogger, go over to WordPress and start a blog there. There are many differences and similarities between the two, but if you’re just starting out, I think that you should only use Blogger since it is simple and easy.

If you can incorporate blogging into your internet marketing plan, you’ll be on the first step to entering the “Web 2.0” game, and will help you to get tons of free traffic back to your website for free. Don’t be intimidated by a blog. The sooner you begin to build one, the faster you’ll see results coming in. So keep that in mind.

Good luck with using blog marketing in your online business today.