Blogging For Local Business Owners – 3 Key Reasons Why You Should Do It

Blogging for local business is creating a buzz across the globe, with many new internet marketers and local business owners wondering what all the fuzz is about. Alongside will it actually work for an SME. This article will give you just 3 reasons why this should be a major part of your online marketing in lancashire or Texas.

Let’s get the facts straight blogging is a fundamental part of the new social media phenomenon and is spreading the globe. Blogs started off as an online diary. Yet within a matter of months business owners saw the advantages of being able to connect with their audience in an easy way without having to know all this HTML stuff.

1. SEO and getting ranked

Blogs are full of content and that is what Google love. More relevant content and Google will visit your site. This means for your key words you will stand a much better chance of being ranked on either page one or page two. With the various plugins to a blog now available this actually makes the whole process a really easy thing to do. Blogs are designed to be posted on so this is a sure fire way of adding more and more content. Let’s say you post one article a day relevant for your market every day of the year. Yes I know that is probably unrealistic. Yet if you did that you would have a site with over three hundred pages of content. Imagine how that would improve your search engine ranking positions rankings.

2. Market Research

Because of the interactive nature of a blog people are likely to come along and interact with you. Some might even leave the odd comment. Due to the slightly anonymous nature of blogging you often get more honest comments as well. This is live market research that costs nothing. Which for any business owner is vital to ensure marketing success?

3. Ease of Use

If you can type in word you can blog. Actually never a truer word has been said, Heck even the New York Times has a blog. Though you might not want to do it yourself and you can set your own blog up. It is really inexpensive. Many hosting companies now have Cpanel which often means there is a one click installation. I know that may sound scary trust me it isn’t. I have taught many boomers how to get their first blog on line and many business owners who needed a low cost way to get online and test a market out.

Whatever you want to do on line a blog can accomplish this. Why not test it out tonight?