When you are shopping for concealment apparel and accessories for your weapon, you may be having a hard time deciding whether you want to carry your weapon on your person or invest in a hands-free accessory that will house your weapon safely and securely. While concealment apparel options offer generally the fastest and most efficient way to retrieve your weapon in an emergency, fanny packs and bags are a great option for men and women who prefer keeping their weapon relatively close at hand.

What Makes Concealed Carry Purses Safe?

Depending on which style of concealed carry purse you prefer, you will have a variety of pockets and locks to keep your weapon safely and securely concealed. Larger hobo, messenger and tote bags will have multiple reinforced pockets, hidden sleeves and on-board locks to keep your weapon contained. Smaller clutches, fanny packs and crossbody bags will have a protective pocket that can safely hold a small handgun or pistol. Concealed carry bags are built with reinforced protective pockets that help prevent against accidental weapon discharge and theft.

Another great safety benefit of concealed carry bags is how undetectable they appear. Most modern concealed carry bags come in a great range of neutral and fashion colors, and they feature rings, studs, rivets, exposed zippers, tassels and stylized details that make them indistinguishable from a traditional handbag. Since they blend in so well with other bags, they are less prone to being targeted for theft.

If you do choose to carry a concealment purse over wearing a protective apparel garment, it is slightly less convenient to retrieve your weapon in an emergency situation. You also stand a greater chance of heaving your bag, and subsequently, your weapon, stolen when you carry a concealment purse. However, any type of concealment bag or apparel item offers you peace of mind, safety and security as you commute, run errands and go about your day.