Building the Perfect Deck for Your Outdoor Living Dreams

One of the delights of summer is enjoying outdoor living on the deck. Whether you are grilling out for friends, enjoying a morning cup of coffee, or reclining in a lounger reading a summertime thriller, your deck can provide a relaxing and enjoyable space for everyone. Any deck builders minneapolis can come up with a plan that fits your dreams and budget. Decks come in all sizes and shapes and can be simple and efficient or large and extravagant – and everything in between– but they all add value to your home. As you look to build or upgrade your deck, here are some things to keep in mind.


Look for high quality, low maintenance materials because the last thing you want to do is spend your time on tedious upkeep. Pressure-treated lumber affords an economical option but does require annual power washing and staining every few years. For a richer look, you can upgrade to redwood or cedar which require similar upkeep as the pressure treated wood, but has a more exotic, aesthetically impressive look. These tend to be more weather resistant. If you are looking for the lowest maintenance material, you’ll want to check out composites. These synthetic boards require minimal upkeep without needing to be sanded or stained.


It’s safe to say that we all love a big deck, but that isn’t always practical for the space or the wallet. You can do a lot with a small, simple square; consider adding interest with deck accessories like patio rugs and outdoor lighting. If your budget and house allow, think about adding levels to your deck to create unique spaces for reading, dining, or a small herb garden. It’s important to balance your wishes for the perfect outdoor living space with the style and architecture of your home. You want it to look natural and complementary to add luxury and convenience to your existing structures and landscapes.

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Perhaps the most important thing for you to consider when planning your deck is how you hope to use it. Try envisioning your perfect summer day and think of how you would use the deck. Do you need shade for an afternoon nap? Space to entertain? An overlook to supervise the kids? For example, you may hope to invite your extended family over for an afternoon barbecue while letting the kids run around the backyard. In this case, you’ll want a deck off the back of your house with an easy entrance to the backyard. Stairs may add an expense, but they certainly add convenience.

Careful planning of your materials, space, and function can ensure your dream deck. Finding the right construction team could be the key to bringing it all together. Look for a team that listens to your ideas to make them a reality. With careful planning and consideration, you can optimize your space for the ideal summer lifestyle.