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How To Incorporate Emotional Hot Buttons In Your Online Marketing Web Page Copywriting

How To Incorporate Emotional Hot Buttons In Your Online Marketing Web Page Copywriting

Successful copywriters incorporate emotional hot buttons into every piece of sales material they produce whether they’re doing offline marketing or online marketing web page copywriting, emails, pay per click ads or other online advertising. Why?

Because we make purchases based on emotional hot buttons that have been activated by what we see, hear, smell, taste or read. Let me explain what I mean…

Some of us may be drawn to purchase a particular shade or colour because we’ve been complimented by others when we wear that colour, which in turn makes us feel good about ourselves, we may feel sexier, more confident and may even perform better at a given task because of it.

Emotional hot buttons are triggered in the brain by connections we have made between positive feelings and experiences and something we have seen, heard, smelt, tasted, read etc. The key then is to work out a way to successfully incorporate emotional hot buttons (and there are about 20 or more of these) in your online marketing web page copywriting.

One of these emotional hot buttons is the FREE Button!

Yes I said FREE.

Let’s face it; everyone likes to get something for free. In fact, some of the most successful business men give a lot of their time, money and expertise free to others, not expecting anything in return but they get a lot more in return, not only in sales and revenue but in networks, new business contacts and allies for future projects.

So how do you target that emotional hot button, called the FREE BUTTON in your online marketing web page copywriting? Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazier, John Carlton and other top notch copywriters always incorporate some kind of free gift in their copy; whether it is a coupon, gift card, gift certificate, online course or other bonus like an e-book or a combination of these.

When doing your online marketing web page copywriting you have the ability to incorporate this emotional hot button wherever you choose whether it is in your headline, PSs, guarantee, when introducing your bonuses or woven into your copy.

Here are some examples…

Example 1: ‘Just as a thank you for shopping with us today we would like to give you this FREE Gift Certificate worth $30! REMEMBER this gift is yours to keep even if you decide (name the product) is not for you’

Example 2: ‘If you’re not happy with (name the product) for any reason I will refund your money. No questions asked. You will have seen the secrets in (name the product)… for FREE’

Example 3: ‘One more thing… I want you to have these 3 bonuses FREE if you order within the next 7 days. Together they’re worth $300 in value but I want you to have it for FREE.’

Weaving emotional hot buttons into your sales material, adverts, sales letters, emails etc. when doing your online marketing web page copywriting is definitely a skill you want to master especially since there are over 20 emotional hot buttons that you can explore making your copy more compelling than your competitors.…

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When Do People Get Scoliosis?

When Do People Get Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a dangerous spine mutation which is, thankfully, easy to recognize by doctors and patients alike. It is very noticeable because your spine would be curved out of shape. It would curve side to side like an S or curve front to back like a C. Though genetics are probably the only thing at fault, it can be something you are born with, develop, or get as a side effect of another disease.

Most frequently, it is just an unfortunate occurrence when a child goes into adulthood. The quick growth of children and their rapidly changing physiology are often to blame for sparkling whatever buried cause of Scoliosis there is. Kids, especially, must be checked at least once per year for this condition.

Girls are the ones mostly affected and it usually either happens for the first time or worsens during puberty. Once a person reaches full growth, it is unlikely that Scoliosis will develop at all or will get much worse. That is why it is important you check regularly–because it can occur at any age, however unlikely.

It is especially important that you check your children to make sure none of their growth will be impeded. This condition can put a lot of strain on the lungs and heart, leading to other problems entirely. Some people are unable to move well and become more physically deformed the longer they let the condition go without medical attention.

These deformities can include lopsided breasts in women, uneven legs or hips due to the skewed spine (leading to walking problems), or bones of the rib cage jutting out. It is something you should especially watch for if you have another bone, muscle, or nerve conditions like cerebral palsy, hernias, or spinal muscular atrophy.

The common exam given requires patients to bend forward like he or she was going to touch their toes. Sometimes the shirt will need to be removed if there is any question. You will easily be able to see if the spine is straight or not going side to side. If it is a front to back curvature, the bumps should be noticeable. X-rays can further explain any questions or concerning bumps.

If there is a problem, there are two things to be done. The first and most common is wearing a brace. Since it is easily caught and most often happens during puberty, this is the best option for people. The brace will hold your back straight so it can grow properly. It will not do very much for a grown person, though. The brace is only to be used if you still have growing to do. It if you let your back get out of control as an adult, surgery is the only option.…

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Who Is Aaron Rashkin? Man, Myth, or Legend

Who Is Aaron Rashkin? Man, Myth, or Legend

Aaron or machine? Is he some ghostly guru? Or is he legitimately rich and brilliant?

I was introduced to Aaron Rashkin through the Empower Network Inner Circle. And although I wasn’t impressed with the profane description that preceded him as a “bad-ss,” I was willing to listen to the training because I’m always ready to learn something new.

My first surprise came as the announcer introduced Aaron Rashkin’s wife, Sophia-and what a sweet surprise! She was kind and down-to-earth, but she knew the business inside and out. After I found out that their motivation for pursuing MLM and online marketing was for the sake of their children, my ears perked.

Aaron and Sophia have two sons who they’ve devoted their lives to, and I think that’s totally amazing. Although I have them beat by three (five children), I completely agreed with their business model and rationale.

Children are the foremost important people in our lives and in this world, and nothing is worth sacrificing a healthy relationship with them or missing their childhood because of some stuffy job that keeps you away from the home 40+ hours every week.

As a parent, you just want to know that you’re not nuts for making so many sacrifices for your kids, and for choosing the business ventures you think would best benefit your family’s goals.

I must admit, at first it was hard to believe their dream was possible for anyone-especially for an average Joe who has no budget, no leads, and no marketing experience. When they began the online marketing business, they already had a steady income from another offline MLM Company, and they apparently spent large amounts of money per month on paid advertising.

But when Aaron and Sophia Rashkin were asked the question, if they were to begin again from scratch with no budget and no experience what would they do differently, I was immediately sold.

What’s the secret sauce for real-life Aaron Rashkin success?

Here’s their advice for the newbie-begin with every free option available. Start with blogging, article marketing, content syndication, and social media marketing. Although this sounds like a simple formula, I’ve heard this same advice from several top earners-and after testing their theory and testing the waters, I’ve concluded that it’s true.

Aaron Rashkin says getting started is easy, but being consistent and sticking with the process requires fortitude and focus!

So, if you were trying to decide whether or not to listen to the Rashkins, I wouldn’t hesitate. They’re on to something big; and if you’re smart, you’ll get connected to their newsletter. They have demonstrated sustained success in the home-based business venue, and their goal is to help you achieve the same success – you can succeed and even surpass proven leaders… just like Aaron Rashkin.…

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The Purpose of Employer Background Check Services

The purpose of Employer Background Check Services is to help employers reduce the risk of illegal activities within their workplace. They are a valuable tool for identifying qualified applicants, verifying employment, and determining if an employee is a good fit for specific company culture. By performing employment background checks, employers can ensure their employees are honest and trustworthy. A successful business should conduct thorough employment checks to ensure its employees are safe, competent, and committed to the company’s values and culture.

Reduce risk for criminal activities

While many organizations are concerned about the quality of the people they hire, a lack of screening programs has allowed criminals to find employment opportunities in companies without a background check. Employer background check services do not have to be expensive or time-consuming, but they are essential in ensuring the safety of staff, customers, and other stakeholders. Even though screening every applicant for criminal activity is impossible, it can significantly reduce the risk of employment-related problems. Background checks can minimize risk and allow employers to hire any qualified applicant.

The benefits of conducting a background check are clear: lowering your risk of criminal activity and securing your company’s reputation. An effective background check can help you decide if someone is qualified for a job by revealing any prior criminal records. It can also uncover criminal convictions that a background check may miss. This is a crucial part of hiring processes and should be a significant part of them.

Identify qualified applicants

Background checks on job applicants provide a valuable service for employers. They can verify an applicant’s identity and educational background. Criminal background checks are handy for employers hiring a person with a history of committing crimes. Education verification services reveal whether an applicant has received a college degree and can provide a comprehensive educational history. A professional license and credentials check also includes vital information about an applicant’s financial stability, particularly for those who handle a lot of company funds.

Despite being a legal and ethical way to screen prospective employees, some employers still choose to skip a background check. Disqualifying an applicant may be triggered by several factors, including a criminal record, false educational records, poor driving record, or poor credit history. Additionally, if an applicant fails a drug test, an employer can use this information to reject them. According to the National Conference of State Legislators, approximately 77 million Americans have a criminal record.

Verify employment

The benefits of using Employer background check services to verify employment include ensuring that an applicant has the experience, skills, and credentials to do the job. Employment verification consists of a candidate’s past employers. Unfortunately, many job applicants embellish their job descriptions and start and stop dates from getting a higher salary. This is why it is so essential to perform a background check. Employer background check services verify employment and are an excellent way to ensure that you’re hiring the best person for the job.

Before determining whether or not to hire a candidate, perform an employment verification, it is a vital part of pre-employment screening, and it can help you determine whether a candidate is trustworthy and will fit into the job well. You can do this by checking the applicant’s employment history on the Work Number(r) database, which is available to 1.2 million employers. However, not all

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Start Fast and Start Strong

Start Fast and Start Strong

new year is upon us. Time to start ramping things up for the upcoming year. Many small business sort of shut down during the holidays and put as much off until the new year as possible. For obvious reasons this can lead to slow starts during January. That is why it is so important to hit the ground running in January. If for no other reason, starting fast will give you that much of a head start over the competition.

This is not a time to spend too much time planning the entire year’s budget. This is the time to start some of the projects that were put off from last year. Naturally, one of the best ways to start off the year strong is with Marketing. As we all know, even the best marketing programs can take a while to start paying off, so the sooner you begin, the sooner you will be rewarded. Thus there are two forms of marketing that businesses should focus on early in the year: fast paced and deliberate.

Fast paced marketing is about maximizing your exposure as quickly as possible. Often times businesses focus on quantity over quality in this form of marketing. In a pay per click world this would be to get as many clicks as possible as opposed to researching the best possible keyword and building a campaign around that. In fact, some of the best marketing organizations turn to banner ads and even pop-ups instead of PPC this time of year. The whole idea here is to get as many people on your website as possible even if many of them are not buyers. I cannot emphasize the importance of maximum exposure right now. Many people will need your services at some point during the year, even if not right now. If they see you first, you are a step ahead of the competition when they decide to buy.

This strategy of course leads to the question of how to get this exposure. Strategies vary, but some of the best approaches are banner ads, social media blitzes, and even redirected traffic. This is the time to determine which route is best and then implements the necessary steps to make this happen. If you choose to work with a marketing firm, you should select a one that does not require 100% of the payment up front. Therefore reducing the risk at such an important time of the year.

Deliberate marketing is a longer process which involves more strategic decisions. In this phase you should focus on quality. These are the programs that take longer to get going and see results, but the results are much better over time. Deliberate marketing typical focuses on things such as discussion forums and blogs, where attracting the right people is the goal.

Again this is an approach that you want to start early as it may take several months to see results. Again if you are doing this yourself, now is the time. If you choose to work with a marketing consultant, select one that offers a package that combines both approaches to cover all of your bases.…

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Integrating HubPages Into Your Online Marketing

Integrating HubPages Into Your Online Marketing

If you’ve been working to increase your businesses online visibility, you probably know that a huge part of your success depends on your web content. While there is no question that the quality of your online content is essential to success, a less-discussed topic is where to use that content.

As the Internet moves more and more in the direction of real-time results, many web marketers are focusing on frequently adding new content to their websites, blogs, and other web properties. However, there are many other places that contributing high-quality content makes a lot of sense. One of these content platforms is HubPages.

In a nutshell, HubPages allows publishers to contribute and organize web pages on just about any topic. Additionally, they provide several opportunities to increase the exposure of content added there. With a rapidly expanding community of publishers and system for increasing exposure, HubPages is a tool that can serve several purposes in your web marketing plan.

Get More Readers

Because of its community basis and authoritative domain, HubPages provides publishers a great forum for getting content in front of new readers. The platform also provides many different modules for text, images, and video. Further, they provide visitors interaction modules including comments, surveys, and quizzes. Together, these components work similarly to blog features and provide outlets for visitors to engage with your content. These incentive-based features make your content work harder.

Search Marketing Benefits

In addition to getting more exposure for your content, HubPages provides added search marketing benefits. When your page reaches a threshold quality score, links on your hub pages pass “link juice” back to the sites to which they link. Therefore, when properly executed, building hub pages can be an excellent component of your link building strategy. However, since your pages must reach a certain quality score before their links are effective, link building with hub pages requires a little more work than many other article directories. On the other hand, it stands to reason that links from hub pages may provide “better links” due to the quality requirements.…

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Tips on Hiring a Water Restoration Professional

Hiring a water restoration Phoenix professional can be a tricky business. Here are some tips to help you choose a company to help you with your water damage. First, make a business plan. After you’ve outlined your goals, you’ll need to set aside a marketing budget. Next, attend home shows and make yourself known as an industry leader. You can also try to get free advertising.

Do’s and don’ts of hiring a water damage restoration company

When you’re looking for a water restoration service, it’s important to remember that the process can be expensive. Waiting too long to call for assistance will only increase the bill. Meanwhile, the building structure may crumble and mold may start to grow. Here are some tips to help you choose a service. Read on to learn about the dos and don’ts of hiring a water restoration professional.

Choose a certified company. Licensed contractors adhere to standards of ethics and conduct. They know how to assess the damage and mitigate the costs. Certified contractors use specialized equipment that dries out property faster. They also know what products and methods are effective for restoring properties.

Ask for references. You’re in the right place if you can find a water damage restoration service with good connections. Ask for a referral from someone who has had similar problems and has seen an expert. You might even get some helpful advice from someone you know who’s hired a top-rated service. You’ll be glad you did! Then, make sure you find a company that’s near your home.

Do’s and don’ts of hiring an IICRC-certified company

If you are considering hiring a water restoration professional to clean up a leaky pipe, you should hire an IICRC-certified company. Certified companies must meet specific standards for professionalism and integrity. They also employ highly trained technicians and the latest techniques. In addition, they are known to provide more efficient and affordable services. However, if you are not sure whether you need the services of a certified water restoration Phoenix company, follow these simple steps:

First, be sure to ask for a certified technician. An IICRC-certified technician is going to display the Clean Trust logo. This symbol is a mark of confidence between the technician and the customer. The technician’s certification is proof that they have received proper training. A good water restoration company will be happy to explain how they perform the various steps of the water restoration process and what their methods involve.

Check with your insurance company. If you don’t want to pay a high upfront fee, call the Better Business Bureau for a list of reputable companies. Also, ask for references. Another way to find a reputable water restoration company is to look for a member of the Nextdoor community or your neighbors. Using the Internet is also an effective way to check out a water restoration company. Users of user-review websites such as Yelp and Angie’s List can provide unbiased feedback about a company’s quality of work.

Do’s and don’ts of hiring a 24-hour service

Hiring a 24-hour water restoration professional is one of the best ways to protect your Concord home from further damage. A water disaster can be devastating, adding to your financial stress. A water restoration Phoenix specialist will know what to do to restore your home quickly without causing further damage.