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What Are Title Loans and How Do They Work?

Title loans are financing in which a company holds title to your vehicle in exchange for a loan. These are typically secured or unsecured. The interest rate depends on the lender and whether or not you are planning to make payments. There are also other financing options you can consider.

Secured vs. Unsecured

For many people, the question of unsecured vs. secured is not just about interest rates but also how to get a loan. The types of loans you can obtain depend on your financial history, credit rating and current needs.

If you’re looking for a large loan, a secured loan is a better option than an unsecured loan. Fast loans typically offer higher borrowing limits, lower interest rates, and a more extended repayment period. However, a secure loan is not always the best option if you don’t have assets or an excellent credit score.

A secure loan is backed by collateral. This means the lender is protected if you fail to repay the loan. You can’t repossess an unsecured loan or turn it over to a debt collector.

Unsecured loans come from a variety of sources. These include credit cards, bank loans and personal lines of credit. You can also borrow money by using a payday loan. Some lenders even allow you to prequalify for a loan without impacting your credit score.


Title loans are a fast way to get cash but can also be a burden. Fortunately, lenders will allow borrowers to roll over their title loans Mississippi. However, this can add to the cost and trap a borrower in a debt cycle.

A title loan can be structured in a variety of ways. Depending on the lender, you can pay off the whole loan in days or months or repay only the interest. The decision is based on various factors, including your circumstances and what you can afford.

There are many potential benefits to a title loan. For instance, they can be good emergency funds during natural disasters. But they can also make borrowers feel like they have no control over their vehicles.

If you have a lemon or need help to keep up with your payments, you may be in the unfortunate position of selling your car. Unfortunately, this can be a painful process. One out of five title loans ended with the car being repossessed.

Interest Rates

Interest rates for title loans can be very high. They are calculated based on the value of the car you want to use as collateral.

Most states have laws regulating these loans’ interest rates and fees. There are also some rules on the length of the loan. Pay back your loan within the agreed terms to avoid being charged late fees.

You can borrow between $2,000 and tens of thousands of dollars in states that allow these loans. The shape determines the maximum amount, but if you borrow more than $5,000, you will have to pay more than 120 percent of the amount lent.

Some states, such as Georgia, have laws that limit interest rates. The average interest rate is around 25 percent.

These interest rates are considered usury and are not allowed in most states. In some states, such as Georgia, the maximum annual interest rate is 60 percent.

Alternative Financing Options

Taking out a car title loan can

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Revealing My 4 Personal Secrets to Real Online Success

Revealing My 4 Personal Secrets to Real Online Success

Over the last 10 years I have had a part-time online business in addition to my corporate job of 22 years in the real estate lending industry, primarily to create a second income for my retirement.

During the time I spent in my “corporate” job, the company I worked for sent me to all of their marketing schools and other programs to teach me to interact with others face to face. Recently, though, social media has opened the door to so many more people than knocking on doors ever could.

Naturally I began to gravitate towards online marketing, and joined a company that molded my marketing abilities with their real life expertise. This has helped me pinpoint my ‘secrets’ to real success for my online business.

Here are my 4 secrets to real online business success:


When beginning any venture – whether online or offline – clarity is important. What do you want to accomplish? How are you going to do it? These are the questions you need to answer when considering your business venture.

“Clarity” is akin to laying out a business plan. Before you begin to move forward, first you have to lay the groundwork. If you don’t plan, you’ll oftentimes find yourself flying blind, so to speak, which can lead to mountains of trouble for you down the road. You can avoid a lot of problems with a simple, clear plan.


If your business is going to succeed, you need to get to the root of why you’re doing what you’re doing, or “find your why.” I find that my passion and purpose is helping others to succeed. Why? Because I’ve found that if I focus on helping my team succeed, it will lead to wealth and prosperity for the entire group.

When you ‘find your why’ you will be able to take action with a sense of purpose, keeping you on your path towards success.


Now that you have gotten to the root of the reason you’re doing what you’re doing, it’s time to figure out what, when, and how you will accomplish the things to lead you towards your end goal of personal success. This is the real meat and potatoes of the 4 secrets to business success. This is the step where you really begin to flesh out your plans.

Since you have identified the purpose behind what you’re doing, now you need to figure out how to get from point A to point B. Set your goals and milestones, create a timeline for your tasks, and get ready to roll.

Work Pattern

After you’ve made a clear plan, found your purpose, and identified your intentions, it’s time to act. The last secret to success – which is more of an open secret – is an unwavering commitment to taking actions that are profitable for you, your team, and that meet your intentions and purposes.

When you make clear choices – and continue to make clear choices – that are in line with your ultimate goals for success, the only obstacle between you and your goals is time. Hard work pays off, and success is just around the corner.…

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Here Is a Sure-Fire Method That Is Guaranteed to Get You on Page 1 of Google Within Days

Here Is a Sure-Fire Method That Is Guaranteed to Get You on Page 1 of Google Within Days

It’s a well-known fact that where you rank in search results is essential for directing more traffic to your website. The top 30 results get over 90% of all website traffic and the top 10 get 80% more traffic than those in positions 11 – 30. So, since Google dominates search engine traffic in the UK, accounting for more than 92% of all searches, your Google page ranking matters hugely if you want to attract more visitors to your website.

But in an increasingly crowded online marketplace getting on page 1 of Google is becoming harder and harder. So how do you do it?

Well you could invest a huge amount of time creating hundreds of pages of keyword rich content and back links. You could pay an online marketing agency to do it for you. Or you can take a simple shortcut, one that is guaranteed to have your site listed on page 1 of Google within days.

So what is this shortcut?

Google have been experimenting with universal search for some time now. So when you carry out a search Google doesn’t just display snippets of text from the highest ranked sites as it used to. It also shows you images, video, news, shopping results and much more! What this means is that if you have a #1 video on YouTube it is also highly likely to be displayed on page 1 of Google video results. Add your website URL to the description of your video and you instantly have a way of attracting lots of new traffic to your website.

With a little more work, it’s then very straightforward to get your video shown on page 1 of Google universal search.

Here’s an example

If you search in YouTube for “Essex online marketing” you will see that the top video is one with that title which I uploaded on 21st December 2010. Go to Google, select search for videos and you will see the same video, also in the #1 position. Now select search for everything in Google and you will see a thumbnail for the video right in the middle of the page under Videos for Essex online marketing. Et voila! A page 1 Google listing just for uploading one video!

Some things to consider

Of course as more and more businesses wake up to the tremendous potential of video marketing the number of new videos posted is going to increase. So if you want to steal a march on your competitors you will need get your videos out there and start building up views and subscribers before video marketing becomes saturated.

Nor can you just post any old video. Users will only want to interact with your videos if they are of good quality, plus if you want to impress potential customers with what you have to offer and persuade them to visit your website it’s not a good idea to post low value content that is badly presented. So it’s worth investing a bit of time and money in getting this right.

Fortunately, the days when you had to pay an ad agency thousands of pounds to produce a short promotional video are long gone. There are a number of low …

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Home Business Tips: When to Outsource

Home Business Tips: When to Outsource

Are you a home business owner who believes that doing every single task yourself is the best way to go because it keeps your overhead costs low? This way, you keep the maintenance fees cheap while profits are maximized. If you’re guilty of this thinking maybe now is the right time to reconsider. Don’t you think that you need to free yourself of some of tedious tasks in order for you to do something better and more creative? When you think about it, outsourcing is one of the most feasible home business tips highly available right now yet it is not even entertained by home business owners.

For example, a regular home business owner running an online store at eBay would tend to do all the accounting, web designing, marketing, product preparation, and all other tasks which he can easily delegate to others. Surely, you can’t be an accountant, a web designer, and a marketer expert all at the same time, can you?

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing means hiring somebody, usually from another country where labor is cheaper but expertise is high, to do certain jobs that you normally do yourself. Big companies are doing this for years now. They are outsourcing customer service tasks, accounting jobs, and data entry work overseas. The question now is how does small home business owners fit into the scene? When it comes to outsourcing, many people think that a lot of money tends to be involved here.

Fortunately though, that isn’t always the case. If you specifically consider the outsourcing services that are especially catered for small businesses, you’ll end up with not just with the most reasonable rates but with highly competitive people to do the tasks as well. Now you don’t have to do all tiresome tasks of link building, photo editing, or massive website promotion.

Are You Ready to Outsource?

Small business owners who feel that they’re getting overwhelmed with the enormous tasks in front of them as they run their business are strongly encouraged to entertain the idea of outsourcing. In fact, this can be one of the best home business tips that you can ever pursue. Free up your work schedule with the help of companies who offer virtual assistants. Or if you’re confident enough, you can go out there and hire a candidate yourself. Over the internet, communicating with people from an entirely different country is a very simple. But if you think that’s a little scary to do yourself, you can always leave the international dealings with the experts.

You’re ready to outsource if you have more than enough task to can handle in a day. Outsourcing may mean that you would have to pay for the service regularly and not on a one-time or per project basis. So you have to make sure that you have enough jobs in queue for your hired assistant to do for the length of time that you are signed up under the service. Once you free yourself of simple tasks you can do better things. You can now run your home business and not the other way around. I hope this is a useful tip to add to your mounting collection of helpful home business tips.

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What Are the Purposes of an Animal Life Insurance Policy?

Animal life insurance can shield your family and you from financial loss if your pet passes away. Many companies provide coverage based on your specific circumstances, including a list of pre-existing conditions, length of term, and accident coverage. In addition, many companies offer various discounts and incentives to help make the process easier.

Accident coverage

Adding accident coverage to your pet’s life insurance policy is a great way to protect your pet and ensure it has access to emergency veterinary care. Accident coverage includes injuries and illnesses like broken bones, bite wounds, poisoning, toxic ingestion, etc.

There are three levels of accident coverage: basic, comprehensive, and accident-only. Each group offers different benefits and ranges.

Basic coverage is the least expensive. It typically includes an annual deductible and a cap on reimbursements. It pays for accidental injuries, poisonings, and cancer. In addition, you’ll be reimbursed for procedures if you file a claim. It also covers X-rays, surgery, bloodwork, and other emergency veterinary care services.

Comprehensive coverage is a more expensive option, but it provides more protection. The policy pays for surgeries and procedures for cancer, hip dysplasia, cataracts, and hernias. It also offers additional benefits, such as laser therapy and hydrotherapy. In addition, you’ll be reimbursed for flea treatments, vaccinations, and other routine veterinary care.

Pre-existing conditions

Having a pre-existing condition of animal life insurance is a headache for some pet owners. Luckily, there are ways to help minimize the risk.

Some pet insurance companies have a waiting period before covering your pet for certain pre-existing conditions. For example, some companies will only cover an ear infection that occurred more than a year before your policy’s effective date.

Another thing to consider is the number of years your pet will be covered. Again, buying a policy early in your pet’s life will increase the chances of your pet being covered for chronic illnesses later in life.

There are two types of pre-existing conditions: incurable and curable. You or your veterinarian can treat curable pre-existing conditions. In addition, pet insurance providers sometimes cover even “curable” pre-existing diseases.

Curable conditions can include hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, allergies, and cancer.

In some cases, insurers may limit coverage to the most common and expensive conditions.

Long-term conditions

Whether you’re looking for a policy for your furry friend or a dog, you’ll likely find that insurance is costly. Therefore, it is not unexpected that many pet owners seek the most effective approach to doing business. The most excellent strategy for doing this is to compare prices. Several quality pet insurance providers can help you navigate the quagmire of pet insurance coverage. With a pet insurance quote, you can save money and avoid the pitfalls of pet insurance mishaps. A pet insurance policy is the only way to ensure your pet is taken care of if the worst happens. The best pet insurance providers will be able to answer all of your pet insurance questions. They offer free quotes and can help you find the best pet insurance for you and your pet.


Whether a pet owner or a prospective pet owner, you’re probably wondering how much animal life insurance costs. Unfortunately, the cost can vary significantly based on your pet’s age and location. However, there are many options for pet insurance, so finding the right plan isn’t difficult.

Generally, insurance can range

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Who Ever Said Online Marketing Was Easy?

Who Ever Said Online Marketing Was Easy?

Online Marketing – Whoever said it was easy! Granted it has its rewards especially financially. The thing is before you could even begin to consider rewards you have to look at the sometimes monumental effort that one have to put in, in the initial stages.

There are many, many positives about being an online marketer. The question is what about the aspects of it that is not so attractive or encouraging.

The intent here is not to focus on the negative or to dissuade anyone from pursuing an online career. It is merely to point out that before considering a career in online marketing one should seriously consider a few areas of immediate challenge.

Here are some things I think that should be considered by any newbie who is considering moving into the online marketing arena. Most of these I share only from my own experience.

Be Prepared To Learn Some New Skills: Some of these could include learning to create your own website and publishing it to the web. Included here would be learning about domain hosting, domain names, basic HTML and all the other aspects relevant to website design and publishing.

Become An Online Social Animal: Become a member of as many social networks ( Facebook, Twitter) as is comfortable for you and speaks to your niche. Joining online forums would not hurt either, just be selective. Join forums where the conversation includes what you are talking about.

Be Prepared To Work Some Long Hours: Many online opportunities have promised us that 5 to 10 minutes every day is all we need to succeed. Well, after almost four years online I am yet to find the opportunity that really delivered on this promise. Just be prepared to put in some real hours in the beginning. The reward is that eventually your business could become automated enough to give you back some of that time in the future.

Be Open Minded And Teachable: To survive as an online marketer being open minded and teachable will catapult you forward faster than most things. Plug into the online movers and shakers and copy cat them. Open yourself to learning as much as you can from those who are already succeeding online.

Have A “Laser Beam” Focus: Once you decide what online marketing opportunity you will pursue I implore you to develop a “tunnel vision” mentality. Pour all of your energy and focus into that program. Do not for any reason get distracted by all the other “make easy money” opportunities popping up on your computer screen.

Be Very Prepared To Spend Some Money: Yes! Yes! I know they promised you that if you “get in FREE now you will make one hundred and fifty dollars every day”. Come on now! Who ever heard about making real money without spending money? So just be prepared to make some kind of minimal monetary investment in the beginning.

Those are some of the main challenges that should be acknowledged in my opinion when starting out in online marketing. Knowing that these challenges exist could allow some people to make a qualified decision as to whether online marketing is really what they are ready to pursue.

It can also be a useful guideline for getting started for those who know that marketing online …

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Facebook Advertising – Top Tips For the Online Marketing Professional

Facebook Advertising – Top Tips For the Online Marketing Professional

The term Social Network applies to a number of different online platforms including the familiar Facebook and My Space web sites as well as social bookmarking services like Digg and StumbleUpon. Also Services like Twitter and Squidoo fall into the social Networking category. But its worth taking a look at how the more familiar services can help the entrepreneur and online marketer.

The social nature of Facebook means that the home worker can grow a friends list very quickly. Add a friend wait for them to confirm and then explore their friends for people you know.

Before long they’ll have a network of people with which to exchange contact numbers, ideas and events. But where it gets interesting is when they organize their contacts into ‘Groups’. This allows people with an interest in what your group is about to join.

Suddenly the home based entrepreneur has a captive audience of like minded people to market to. I regularly get invitations to plays that my friends are performing in, as well as parties that friends-of-friends have organized.

To add to this natural way of creating a captive audience on Facebook, the opportunity to place adverts on the site has been introduced.

Much like Google, with Facebook advertising you would set your advert up to appear for search terms and you can specify the target audience i.e. 18-20 year old, University Graduates, over 50s and so on.

When trying this a year ago I was stunned by the response I had from my 3 by 1 inch advert. But the main draw for using Facebook advertising is that, as of this writing, the cost per click averages about 33% of what you would pay Google or Yahoo. So your investment is very low compared to the main players in this space.

Like any online service there are rules for the submission of adverts. All adverts must be circumspect, with tidy graphics and grammatically correct copy. Once submitted, the ad is perused by a human being who makes sure that the advert doesn’t conflict with the smooth lines of their Graphical User Interface. And once they’re happy, your advert goes live.

As with other cost-per-click services, Facebook also provides analytics so that you can measure your adverts performance and make changes if necessary.

So why not consider the alternative advertising platform of other social networking sites including Facebook and push your Home Based Business to the next level.