Developing A Twitter Strategy For Your Business

Twitter is an information network that connects businesses to customers to share information with people interested in their products/services, while building relationships with their current customers, prospective customers, and other businesses. Twitter can enhance your social media marketing efforts only if you use it correctly. You will not be successful if you just start by tweeting information that you think is interesting or relevant, assuming it will attract your target audience. You must take time to build a logical and sustainable strategy.

First, do some research on your competitors to see what content they are publishing and if it is effective or not. Once you have an idea what is and isn’t working for your competitors, ask yourself the question “Who do we want to reach on Twitter?” Make sure to think specifically, and remember that it’s okay to limit your strategy, it is not practical that you will reach everybody.

Remember, you are aiming to be an expert on a given product or service, and you want to be an information source to your audience. If in every tweet you are trying to sell something, your followers will be turned off and your Twitter marketing campaign will end quicker than it got started. For example, if you’re a company in Denver that sells mountain bikes, then you can gain Denver online marketing credibility by tweeting about bike races coming up, the newest tricks of the trade, and trails that serious riders should check out. Talking about these things will allow your audience to get something more out of your tweets than an advertisement, and they will most likely come to you when they need a bike part or when they are ready to purchase a new bike.

To have a successful Twitter campaign, you must set a goal that is practical and measurable. Tracking your follower count is not always the best way to measure effectiveness because it is not always accurate. If you have the resources available to you, it is often better to use a social media dashboard like Hootsuite or Threadsy which allow you to manage multiple social networks via web, desktop or mobile platforms while also tracking campaign results and industry trends so you can adjust your tactic accordingly.

When you’re creating content for your tweets, make sure to use language that is suited for your audience and engages them. Things to consider are the level or formality or informality, if you should use keywords or hashtags, if you want to use links, what kind you should share, and if you’re going to run specials or promotions for your followers.

Just like any other marketing strategy, your Twitter marketing campaign will need to be fluid with the ability to evolve. The most important aspect of your campaign is to understand your customer base, and the rest will come through trial and error and with a lot of practice. If you’re interested in designing a Twitter strategy for your company, or if you want to get set up with an overall social media marketing campaign, but you just don’t have the knowledge or necessary tools, we can help. Revenue River has a team with experience in all mediums of social media that would love to guide you towards success. We create customizable campaigns for anyone, from product development companies to service based industries. We can tailor any campaign to fit the individual needs of your company, geared to reach your customers.