Differentiation: Killing It in Killer Competition

How do you keep it ill?

Whether you’re on the dance floor or building the next billion dollar biz.

Differentiation is the key.

So what is it?

Differentiation is the edge that makes you stand out from the crowd. Its the one thing you’ve got (or claim you got) that no one else has.

Killing it in the world of killer competition means you have to have an edge.

So how do you get different? Here are three Ideas to separate yourself from the crowd:

1. What being different is not. (Starting by knowing where you shouldn’t start):

– Price

If all you got is price. You’ll be undercut…. Or in gaming world: PONED.

– Quality

This is a given. “We’ve got the highest quality….” REALLY? If you’re selling a product you should make it high quality. Its the unspoken expected.

2. Go with what you know. Your passion is your money maker.

-There’s an old saying that says “Do what you love and you’ll love your job.”

I say, If you love something, Market it!

It will be 100000x easier to become an expert and show passion for something you love and understand.

A good friend and business partner of mine is an Owner Finance Enthusiast. Which just means he loves being a bank for people who can’t get loans. If you ever talk to him he’s always talking about his next owner finance deal. He sells it well because he loves it and understands it better than anyone else I know. If I needed to get owner financing I’d choose him! (and so would anyone who talks to him)

Remember your passion is your money maker…. so shake it.

3. Learn to have fun with it.

This seems simple and goes with number 2 but its definitely something that is considered “Taboo” in the business world.

All work and no play makes Jack a very dull rich man.

Being fun in every aspect of your life creates a different vibe. If you walk into a bar, club, or business room you should be having fun. NO EXCEPTIONS. Why else would you want to do it?! It also makes your life less stressful and considering that stress is one of the leading factors in death, lets you live longer too.

I think it is sad that being “fun” is even a possible differentiating factor but it is. Especially when selling yourself. So live a little. Let loose. Thank me later!