Honest Marketing Techniques – Avoid The Common Mistakes Of Affiliate Marketing

Honest Marketing Techniques are time proven techniques you can use to generate online income. In this series of articles you will find the information to help decide which methods are right for you. This information may also help you sort the good advertisements from the bad if you decide to purchase someone’s program or membership. There’s no real magic to becoming an online marketer, regardless of the product you want to sell or promote. This article explores some of the common mistakes of Affiliate Marketing.

It is very easy to get involved with Affiliate Marketing, and there is quite a lot of money to be made, but there are some stumbling blocks along the way that you should try to avoid. Whether you pursue Affiliate Marketing as a full time endeavor or only part-time, you will want to manage it as a business. As with any other business, you need to operate with some goals.


Focus is important to avoid spreading yourself too thin. You need to be able to focus on a singular plan of attack, so you can not only work effectively toward a goal, but be able to measure results and modify plans accordingly. Avoiding the typical approach of grabbing at every new affiliate program available not only splits your focus, but also dilutes your marketing or promotional efforts. Sometimes, having several, closely related or complimentary products can help improve revenues, but going beyond that can make live as an affiliate marketer much more difficult.

Its sort of like juggling. Three balls is fairly easy, even perhaps a fourth is reasonable, but trying to juggle ten or a dozen is an exercise in frustration.

Choose The Product Wisely

There are so many affiliate products available, it is easy to get caught up in the commission trap. Promoting a product or niche just because it seems to be lucrative can be difficult in the long run. You should choose a product based on your interests or passions. Writing about or promoting a product you don’t believe in will be much more difficult than one you like or are familiar with.

Most believable affiliate marketers have at least purchased the products they promote, and many use them as well. This helps in being able to generate a relationship of trust and confidence with your subscribers, because you can accurately review the products good and bad points. Providing an honest and accurate review won’t significantly reduce sales of a decent product, but can help your sales down the road due to the additional trust you can generate with your subscribers.

Unique Content is King

Affiliate Marketing involves a significant amount of work. You build credibility by providing content that is unique and original. This can sometimes be difficult, especially with commodity products. Most downloadable products have sufficient features that you can create unique content. This helps you in several ways. You can develop a unique selling proposition. You can also generate trust with your subscribers or prospects by providing accurate and varied content. Finally, you can generate better search engine rankings with unique content. If you use copied and pasted content, you will not be seen as an authority web site, and your rankings will be lower as a result. While the search engines don’t seem to actually penalize you for duplicate content, they certainly don’t reward you for it with better page ranking.

By focusing your efforts on a single path of effort, choosing an appropriate product and using unique content on your blog and in your articles, you can avoid the pitfalls of splitting your efforts, choosing a product you can’t stand behind, or the lower search engine rankings due to taking the easy way by cut and pasting content from elsewhere.