How Much To Charge For Web Design Work

A lot of people who work in the web design industry, either as freelancers or the building blocks of a small company, are unsure of how much they should be charging for the work that they complete. Often, they will check out their competitors and try to determine how much they charge for the designs that they offer, but is this the best way to determine your prices? In short, no.

There are a number of factors that go into determining how much a freelancer or small web design company should charge for the work that they complete. Ask yourself the following questions, answering honestly, in order to determine a fair and competitive price for your designs:

How much experience do you have in the web design industry? Have you recently completed your degree or are you still studying? Have you worked for a relevant company for a number of years and just decided to go freelance? A higher level of experience generally equals the potential to charge more.

What do you need to charge in order to cover your overhead costs and the expenses involved in completing a design project? You need to ensure that what your charging covers these costs as well as providing some sort of profit.

What sorts of services are you pricing? Do you only supply web design to your clients, or do you offer a range of services (such as web development, online marketing, SEO, content writing, photography, graphic design, and so on)? You will need to price each of these services individually as well as in packages.

You could also look into the ‘good, fast, cheap’ pricing method when it comes to narrowing down how much you should be charging for your web design services – basically, you choose two options and price your work accordingly. For example:

Good work + fast work = expensive price. This is because you will need to postpone every other project you are currently working on in order to finish this web design.

Good work + cheap price = moderate price. This is because, if the client wants to pay as little as possible for your designs, they will need to wait in order for you to complete it (allowing other projects to take precedence).

Fast work + cheap price = cheapest price. This is because, if the client wants a web design project finished in record time for as little money as possible, they will only receive a substandard quality.

Even after answering the above questions, many people can still find it very difficult to determine exactly how much to charge for their web design work – they may have obtained a ballpark figure, but this doesn’t help when a client is demanding a quote. Unfortunately, there is no exact formula that you can use when it comes to pricing design work – you will make a number of mistakes before settling on a method that works for your business.