How Personal Values Limit Marketing Content

Like mixing religion and politics, injecting your personal values into your marketing content is NOT a good idea! It is good to have a firm commitment on where you stand pertaining to your own values but any content you circulated should focus on business! It is entirely too easy to compromise your own marketing success by crossing the line and targeting issues on a more personal level. It matters little the strength of your personal beliefs, if your goal is to be successful online promoting goods and services then simply focus on business! Mixing the 2 just will not work and more then likely it will hurt your reputation and bottom line!

Here are 3 reasons intermingling personal values with business will have a negative impact on your marketing success when working on the internet!

Not Everybody Shares Your Values

Never be too pushy or judgmental with your own core values insofar as to how you present any products or services. Remember your beliefs are your own and you can not expect everybody to share them! It is best to keep your focus on business and only that being that is the ONLY way you can expect to be successful online! To do otherwise will only divert your time and efforts thereby delaying or limiting your marketing success!

Some May Resent Your Approach

You could easily offend others with the way you present yourself or your message. You must realize that if you feel passionate about something concerning personal issues or values that others may also feel the same! When you consider they may not share your feelings but in fact feel strongly oppose to them you will then create hard feelings and discord! Once again by maintaining a focus on business and only business you are less likely to offend people. Alienating yourself as a marketer is the last thing you want to do!

Others May Disregard Your Message

Your perspectives or opinions may be ‘out of touch’ and display little relevancy thereby discrediting you! Also and of equal importance, when people view content that does not reflect the ad that bought them to it or what the title represents they will generally leave immediately! You can not become successful online with anything if you are sabotaging your own promotional efforts in this way! You want to become known as an authority in your niche and not a ‘kook’ wandering the internet preaching personal beliefs! People do not care!

When composing and distributing any marketing content on the internet it should only focus on business and nothing else. Introducing your personal values into your advertising is too risky and will only put limitations on your marketing success! Remember your intentions are to promote goods and services others want and/or need and not to ‘convert’ others to your ways of thinking! The 3 reasons discussed above hopefully help to demonstrate the risk you take when attempting to do so. Ultimately how successful online you become will have less to do with your value system and much more to do with the goods you offer for sale! It is a business and not a personal forum or pulpit!