How To Incorporate Emotional Hot Buttons In Your Online Marketing Web Page Copywriting

Successful copywriters incorporate emotional hot buttons into every piece of sales material they produce whether they’re doing offline marketing or online marketing web page copywriting, emails, pay per click ads or other online advertising. Why?

Because we make purchases based on emotional hot buttons that have been activated by what we see, hear, smell, taste or read. Let me explain what I mean…

Some of us may be drawn to purchase a particular shade or colour because we’ve been complimented by others when we wear that colour, which in turn makes us feel good about ourselves, we may feel sexier, more confident and may even perform better at a given task because of it.

Emotional hot buttons are triggered in the brain by connections we have made between positive feelings and experiences and something we have seen, heard, smelt, tasted, read etc. The key then is to work out a way to successfully incorporate emotional hot buttons (and there are about 20 or more of these) in your online marketing web page copywriting.

One of these emotional hot buttons is the FREE Button!

Yes I said FREE.

Let’s face it; everyone likes to get something for free. In fact, some of the most successful business men give a lot of their time, money and expertise free to others, not expecting anything in return but they get a lot more in return, not only in sales and revenue but in networks, new business contacts and allies for future projects.

So how do you target that emotional hot button, called the FREE BUTTON in your online marketing web page copywriting? Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazier, John Carlton and other top notch copywriters always incorporate some kind of free gift in their copy; whether it is a coupon, gift card, gift certificate, online course or other bonus like an e-book or a combination of these.

When doing your online marketing web page copywriting you have the ability to incorporate this emotional hot button wherever you choose whether it is in your headline, PSs, guarantee, when introducing your bonuses or woven into your copy.

Here are some examples…

Example 1: ‘Just as a thank you for shopping with us today we would like to give you this FREE Gift Certificate worth $30! REMEMBER this gift is yours to keep even if you decide (name the product) is not for you’

Example 2: ‘If you’re not happy with (name the product) for any reason I will refund your money. No questions asked. You will have seen the secrets in (name the product)… for FREE’

Example 3: ‘One more thing… I want you to have these 3 bonuses FREE if you order within the next 7 days. Together they’re worth $300 in value but I want you to have it for FREE.’

Weaving emotional hot buttons into your sales material, adverts, sales letters, emails etc. when doing your online marketing web page copywriting is definitely a skill you want to master especially since there are over 20 emotional hot buttons that you can explore making your copy more compelling than your competitors.