In case you wanna do it yourself, you will have the option to set aside loads of cash, introducing your very own low voltage outdoor lighting. Guarantee you have a GFCI container outdoor lighting. If not, introduce yourself to houston outdoor lighting service.

Make an arrangement

Walk around your property with a long measuring tape, a drawing cushion and pencil, and your creative mind! This is the place you may choose what sorts of apparatuses you might want to introduce and where. An arrangement will protect that you purchase the right measure of materials and installations, so don’t keep away from this one (except if you are going to introduce one post light and still, at the end of the day you need to realize how a lot of wire to purchase).

You’ll have to buy a transformer, in a perfect world with a clock, wire, the light fittings themselves and metal ground stakes.


To measure your transformer, including the watts for every installation, and after that figure in extra wattage for future ventures. In this way, if your installations are every eighteen watts and you have ten of them, that is 180 watts for your transformer and 25% more for the wire. Include some extra voltage for future development, and you are taking a gander at conceivably a 300-watt transformer.

From your plan, build up the length of each keep running among installations and afterward, the distance from your terminal apparatus to the transformer. At that point, include around 6-7″ per appliance for the connections. Suggested 12 check link for a 300-watt transformer.


Since you have your materials, you’re prepared to begin the establishment. The absolute first activity is to spread out wire & apparatuses. Spot your equipment on the ground where you have to introduce them. At that point, lay the wire around the entire region you are adding your apparatuses. Lay a little extra cable (like a clench hand-measured circle) at each installation.

Burrow 2 – the 3-inch channel where you will lay the link. A few people suggest pretty much. I’ve seen as much as 5 inches suggested and as meager as 1 foot. I wouldn’t go any under 18 inches, yet to be sure you don’t draw up your link doing yard work, it’s smarter to go somewhat more profound, however close to 3 inches.

After you tenderly cover the link, at every installation area, circle the wire up out of the ground for association with your apparatuses.

Presently you’ll Install the transformer and fitting it into a repository. All you need to do is connect it to your home or a post beside your GFCI switch. Be sure to pursue every one of the bearings that accompany it to be sure it’s grounded accurately. When it’s introduced and grounded, interface your wire to it by cutting the finish of the fence with wire cutters and peeling off a one-half inch of the protection. At that point, place every single one of the two wires under the terminal screws and fixes the screws down on them. This is like attaching to stereo speakers.

Utilizing a little sled hammer, strike your stakes into the ground holding each one as straight all over as you can. Affix the light installations to the stakes and snap every apparatus’ wire penetrating fitting into the fence. To achieve this, you will put the tab of the wire snap onto each side of the wire and fit them together through the wire.

For your last advance, cover the wire where you made your associations, fill in the earth entirely, and pack everything down.