Integrating HubPages Into Your Online Marketing

If you’ve been working to increase your businesses online visibility, you probably know that a huge part of your success depends on your web content. While there is no question that the quality of your online content is essential to success, a less-discussed topic is where to use that content.

As the Internet moves more and more in the direction of real-time results, many web marketers are focusing on frequently adding new content to their websites, blogs, and other web properties. However, there are many other places that contributing high-quality content makes a lot of sense. One of these content platforms is HubPages.

In a nutshell, HubPages allows publishers to contribute and organize web pages on just about any topic. Additionally, they provide several opportunities to increase the exposure of content added there. With a rapidly expanding community of publishers and system for increasing exposure, HubPages is a tool that can serve several purposes in your web marketing plan.

Get More Readers

Because of its community basis and authoritative domain, HubPages provides publishers a great forum for getting content in front of new readers. The platform also provides many different modules for text, images, and video. Further, they provide visitors interaction modules including comments, surveys, and quizzes. Together, these components work similarly to blog features and provide outlets for visitors to engage with your content. These incentive-based features make your content work harder.

Search Marketing Benefits

In addition to getting more exposure for your content, HubPages provides added search marketing benefits. When your page reaches a threshold quality score, links on your hub pages pass “link juice” back to the sites to which they link. Therefore, when properly executed, building hub pages can be an excellent component of your link building strategy. However, since your pages must reach a certain quality score before their links are effective, link building with hub pages requires a little more work than many other article directories. On the other hand, it stands to reason that links from hub pages may provide “better links” due to the quality requirements.