American Psychological Association; Aerospace Educator for Civil Air Patrol; Research in Sciences, Indigenous Peoples, Aerospace; Instructor in STEM/STEAM and Job Search; Film Critic. Whether you wish to be taught a new language, build networks, simply have the travel bug, or wish to develop new abilities and life experiences, our Go World programme presents the opportunity to broaden your horizons, enhance your CV, and acquire a really international experience, all similtaneously finding out in direction of your undergraduate degree.

Perhaps chief among the technological advances have been continuing developments in the areas of communication and transportation that have afforded human beings from completely different cultural backgrounds the opportunity to come back together to be able to cooperate and collarborate in many areas of life including international trade or cross borders commerce.

While some might even see these partnerships as wealthier nations and multinational conglomerates exploiting the labor drive in the growing international locations, a variety of previously economically-challenged nations have seen their citizens’ way of life raised dramatically as a result of international trade agreements and resultant business transactions.

Originally from Oklahoma (yes, like the musical), Emily went to varsity at Boston University where she graduated with a degree in International Relations before jetting off to check Arabic in Egypt and then transferring to San Francisco to be a writer (in English).

Taylor is a native Northwesterner who was raised near Seattle, WA and just lately spent five years in Eugene, OR. She has a degree in English Literature and four years of experience working in the financial trade at a neighborhood credit union in Oregon.