Thanks to new improvements and updates in the sphere of technologies and electronic world and also the access of humanity to the virtual world, today the global community is requiring the new types of services in different spheres especially in the sphere of financial management. In this regard, we decided to write this article to introduce N26 as one of the successful ideas in the recent time that is providing banking services for users totally in online format. In this short article, we will know about the special features of this platform and will inform the Italian users about the abilities of N26 in their country.  

N26 & Its Features

As mentioned above, N26 is the mobile bank that is allowing users to manage their bank account and funds while they are on the move and simply with some taps on their smartphones. N26 is able to provide customers with all necessary financial needs, help them in case of receiving, spending and controlling their funds by the special mobile app. Also with this platform, users will be able to have virtual debit Mastercards that will allow them to make payments and shops totally in contactless format and manage every activity in real time by the mobile app. Should be noted that N26 licenced by European bank and all accounts have the German IBAN. Worthy to mention that with the N26 mobile app, users will be able to receive the notification about their spend, financial actions and activities in the real time; also in case of any difficulties and issues, N26 is providing customer service in 5 different languages for more comfort of their users around the world. 

N26 in Italy

As noted before, N26 is providing so many different financial and banking services, in online format for their users. However, in the case of countries like Italy, there are some special points that we need to mention here. As soon as the Italian users open their account in this platform, they will be able to use the Italian IBAN and start to make their financial activities in N26. Also this platform is providing the physical debit Mastercard for their users especially in Italy, totally without any extra fees and customers will be able to use these cards and withdraw their money in cash without any fees. Should be mentioned that, using the N26 debit Mastercards abroad for customers also does not bring any extra fees and they can withdraw their money simply from any available ATMs. The last main point for Italian users is that this platform will notify its customers about any financial activities in real time and immediately by the N26 mobile app. 


Definitely, in the current world, platforms and services like N26 with their special abilities, can count as solutions for today’s financial needs of people around the world. Surely, the future updates and improvements by this platform, can make this mobile bank more popular than before among users around the world.