Online Marketing Earns the Search Engine’s Respect Through Relevancy

Mysterious as they seem algorithms are basically just logic through a scientific equation. Since search engines cannot tell where a business stands in real life and what it consists of through print and offline marketing, SE companies like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask use algorithms and web crawling robots to rank a company’s prestige.

Logically if information about your company appears all over the web, most importantly on relevant sites that are business related then your business will be looked upon with respect by search engines. Online marketing earns respect by providing information about your business in relevant locations.

Consistent Data that Earns Relevancy

•Company’s name

•Complete Address

•Phone Number

•Website URL

•Email Address

•Services Offered

•Brand Carried

•Company Descriptions

If your company’s information is consistent meaning your name appears exactly the same on all forms of online marketing including capitalizations and symbols such as $, &, #, etc. then search engines will give that listing more respect. More respect from Google means more business.

To be more clear, the more pieces of relevant data the better. Be sure not to miss the little things though, if your address is 1234 East Main st. on your local business listing then it should be the same on all your online marketing. Be sure not to let small errors slip through the cracks like making it 1234 E Main st. or 1234 East Main Street, even 1234 East Main St should be taken into consideration. After all, how hard is it to keep all your companies information uniform and professional?

Reputation management for your online marketing can keep your information relevant and consistent across the web. Most likely you have heard of a local SEO expert but many times there is no real management happening. Most companies web presence optimization has no accountability and further more you need to check all across the web just to be sure that the info is getting spread.

A reputation management company still offers local SEO services but with accountability. True online rep managing companies provide graphical data along with software that can display all information about your business from the web.

Online Reputation Management provides

•Where you are listed

•To what extent you are listed

•Which sites are displaying reviews

•An average rating of reviews

•Social mentions such as tweets

If you want to be on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask then you need online marketing that is relevant, consistent and manageable. Online reputation management teamed up with a local SEO expert provides just what a small business needs when attempting search engine marketing.