Online Marketing Guide – Advantages, Disadvantages, and Strategies

While some of online marketing’s advantages benefit can be enjoyed right away, some of its benefits require discovering. Internet marketing or online marketing refers to the ability to market products and services through the internet.

Internet marketing offers the following advantages and disadvantages:


– Gives the ability to freely market products or services at an incredible low cost.

– Nearly anything can be sold through internet marketing.

– Payments can be collected conveniently online. It supersedes traditional businesses including orders and transaction.

– Products or services are placed on a world wide audience. The product is marketed globally that can even reach the most remote places.

– There are many available ‘How to’ resources’ to improve marketing strategy.

– Affiliate marketing can also be combined with online marketing while both provide passive source of income.

– Online marketing can stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

– Requires ample time for site maintenance


– Requires tremendous amount of skill to learn.

– It can be very confusing to try, especially for beginners.

– Online marketing sometimes loses its appeal shortly after six months.

– It requires an overwhelming knowledge to understand.

– Intense competition makes it very hard to succeed.

Building a name for a particular product online can be tough, especially in today’s competitive market. So to make your online business easy and effective, here are some effective techniques to help improve your business revenue:

Video Marketing:

– Incorporate rich streaming videos or various media ads to your site.

– Try to make your marketing video creative, simple, and funny (optional).

– A video where ‘research shows’ can heard or seen is one of the most effective testimonial videos to post. Tutorials and funny videos can also do well.

– Distribute your video across different video sites.

– Buy post-roll or pre-roll ads on to your videos.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

– If you’re running on a large budget create an account on prominent PPC networks like MSN, Yahoo, and Google.

– If you’re running on a low budget you can go with Google.

– Find keywords and niche markets that you can target that related is to your product that are not heavily competitive, but still generates moderate to high traffic to reduce your PPC cost down.

– Learn how to use keywords and SEO to maximize your product’s online exposure.

– Remember to place and use quality advertisements only.

Mass Media Marketing

– Mind your ethics and promote your product as ethical as possible.

– In order to leverage your social media successfully, be active in the community. Keep your social media accounts and sites to a handful. This way, managing them will be easier.

– You can also introduce online bookmarking campaign.

– Create web contents either linking to an informative article, or your own articles, or links to support Wikipedia’s edits.

Search Engine Optimization

– Optimize your meta-tags including your title tags according to your keyword product.

– Creating friendly search engine HTML sitemaps can also help improve product exposure.

– Create source HTML source code and optimized

– Create an optimized XML maps too.