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More About Teeth Misalignment in Dogs

It is from the wolves that dogs originated. It has been a good experience to have dogs as part of our family as well. Companionship brings dogs and human together. Additionally , they also find working partners in each other. Due to the human breed creation by using selections that are not natural, dogs have really gone through a tough moment. Many health issues that arise in dogs are caused by selective breeding.

An example of a health problem caused by selective breeding is misaligned teeth. for you to know whether your dog is suffering from teeth misalignment or not, you should check for overcrowded teeth within the mouth area. There can also be an impact between the teeth and the gums or the teeth pushing each other in case they are misaligned. Some type of dog breeds easily develop this condition. Your dog may start feeling pain when there is severity in the teeth misalignment. It is not a must for the dog with misaligned teeth to feel pain.

There are a number of things that you can do to correct the condition of teeth misalignment in your dog. Identifying teeth that are misaligned in the mouth of the dog is not a simple task. This is because a larger percentage of the dog’s teeth will not be easily seen. If you notice a bad smell form your dog’s moth or the dog chewing and wincing too much, it can be an indicator of teeth misalignment. These problem should be solved by providing the dog with the right dental chews and brushing the teeth regularly. As you choose the dental chews for your dog, you should ensure that they are most ideal for dogs. The exposure of the teeth root may cause the dog certain infections and pain.

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It can be very simple to treat the misaligned teeth in a dog’s mouth. First, you should look for a good vet. The vet will thereafter perform an x-ray that will determine how severe the condition is. The treatment given to the dog will be determined by the symptoms. In case the dog is not seeing any form of pain, your vet will only advice for mouth hygiene.

If the dog is able to eat normally, mouth hygiene will be recommended too. If there is need for intervention, the vet will just pull out the specific teeth. However drastic it may be, it makes the most proper way that will make your dog feel better.

It can be the selective breeding that might have led to your dog’s teeth being misaligned but you can still take an action to make your dog smile again.