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Best Ways to Care For Your Feline

Although you feline friend may seem independent, it’s very important to provide her with food, water, veterinary care, shelter, a safe environment, and a clean litter. If you’re planning to welcome a new feline as a new member of your family, you need to prepare your kids and instill the excitement, love, and care. You can research about feline breeds available in the market today in order to identify the best furry buddy that is perfect for your family dynamic. Now, let’s check some tips and tricks on how you can best take care of your cat once she is at home.

Keep your cat indoors because it is safer, walk her on harness and leash. When transporting your cat, make sure to always use a carrier. All of your windows must be screened securely. Keep your dryer and washer closed, and always check inside before using them because some cats may climb in these appliances if they are left open. Make sure that your kitty is not lurking in your closets, drawers and cupboards so ensure you check them before closing. Keep your feline friend safe by putting on breakaway collar and ID with your name, address and contact information. It is important to comply with cat licensing laws, so making sure your cat has a collar and ID prevents slipping out from the door, and higher chances of getting your cat safely. As a pet owner, one of the most important things you need to do for your cat is have her regularly checked by a veterinarian for proper vaccination and treatment for whatever condition your cat is experiencing. Meat is always the foundation of a healthy cat’s diet and it should always be present every day. Avoid feeding too much kibble to your feline because they’re highly processed food with low nutritional value, and they are often contaminated with feces, storage mites, fungus, and bacteria.

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Cats as you probably know are naturally clean, and most of the time just instinctively use a litter box, you just need to show where it is. Don’t upset your car by placing her inside the box and scratching her with her front paws. Wash the litter box with a dish liquid and hot water and scoop the box at least once a day. Your cat must be regularly brushed in order to keep her coat and skin healthy, also prevent matting and reduce hairballs and shedding. You can show your love and care for your cats by grooming them yourself.Fleas can infect your feline with Lyme disease, tapeworms, and Cat Scratch Fever or Bartonella, so it is important to get flea collars for cats.

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