Buying an insurance policy involves a lot of research and analysis before you can zero in on the best policy available to you. However, provides you with a variety of insurance policies from different companies which you can compare and select from.

Let us know more about one of the finest insurance groups in India – HDFC Ergo General Insurance

HDFC Ergo General Insurance

HDFC Ergo General Insurance is owned by Ergo International AG as well as HDFC Ltd. While the former has its wings spread in over 30 countries providing insurance policies of varied kinds to customers, the latter is India’s well-known financial institution and also deals in banking, insurance as well as asset management.

Insurance products have been crafted by HDFC Ergo General Insurance keeping in mind the personal requirements of customers across India. Each insurance policy aims to provide maximum benefits to the insured.

Best HDFC Ergo General Insurance 2018:

Here are the salient features of HDFC Ergo General Insurance 2018. Let’s take a look as to what makes this brand so worthy of appreciation.

1. Rating and Appreciation:

ICRA has awarded HDFC Ergo General Insurance with an ‘iAAA’ rating for the being the company which has managed the highest number of successful claims in India. It has also been awarded a Gold Shield coming from ICAI in the field of Excellence in Financial Reporting in 2012-13.

2. Easy Claim Settlement:

HDFC Ergo General Insurance is known for its high incurred claim ratio. Not only are its services hassle-free and quick, it also recognises customers and their needs as its first priority.

3. Online Purchase of Policy:

Gone are the days when you used to visit insurance offices to get your insurance policy. With, you can easily buy the HDFC Ergo General Insurance policy sitting in the comfort of your homes without having to deal with burdensome paperwork.

4. Extensive Range of Products:

One of the greatest features of HDFC Ergo General Insurance is the range of products that the company offers to its consumers. Right from travel insurance, car & 2 wheeler insurance, health insurance and home insurance, HDFC Ergo General Insurance has it all. With so much being offered under a single umbrella, this brand stands certainly ahead of its competitors.

5. Excellent add-ons:

Usually, insurance add-ons come at quite a price. However, HDFC Ergo General Insurance offers a variety of additional riders at a nominal price that can surely increase the worth of your policy.

For instance, in the case of health insurance, it offers an extra amount of sum for every year in which no claim is filed.

6. Wide Network

HDFC Ergo General Insurance is known to have a large network of its operations spread across the country. With branches in more than 70 cities and some cities having multiple branches, service can never be a problem.

Steps to Get HDFC Ergo General Insurance:

The process of buying an HDFC Ergo General Insurance is as simple as it can get. Buying an insurance cover online is the fastest and the most convenient way to do so.

Following are the steps involved:

1. Visit

The first step is to visit the website and select the type of insurance product that you are looking from under HDFC Ergo General Insurance.

2. Enter Relevant Details:

Once after having arrived at the details section, enter all that is asked. Details might vary depending upon the product you choose.

For instance, if it is a car insurance, you would have to enter details such as vehicle registration number, ID proof, and your car model details.

3. Payment:

You can either pay using the net banking option or via debit/credit cards. Your payment is completely secure and encrypted. As soon as you make the payment, you are intimated about the same on your email/phone number.

4. Renewal:

Renewal of HDFC Ergo General Insurance policies is easy too. In case of an auto debit option, renewal takes place automatically when the policy expires. However, you can customise settings to suit your needs.

5. Cancellation of Policy:

In case you feel that you need to cancel your insurance policy, you simply need to log in and fill out some online documents and your policy will stand as cancelled immediately. You would also receive intimation about the same.


HDFC Ergo General Insurance is one of the leading and the most successful insurance brands in India. With customers beaming with appreciation and satisfaction, it certainly makes for a good choice for those looking to buy an insurance cover.