Direct mail marketing, such as a plastic postcard, has been there for a while. However, most business people assume that it is not as effective as using its alternatives, such as online advertising. Nonetheless, when you use this method, you must ensure you sensitize your audience to take action towards whatever you send to their mails. This article will guide you on some of the best ways to create these CTAs to ensure you get the best results from your direct-mail marketing.

Creating Call-to-actions

Individualize the Message

Clients want to feel connected to the products you sell. Individualizing your CTAs plays a critical role in how responsive the recipients of your mails will be. Writing the recipient’s name is one of the most assumed and underutilized tools, but it is an effective conversion technique.

Bold the Benefits

Your current and prospective customers want to understand what they will gain by responding to your mails. It is vital to ensure you clearly state these benefits, including all the offers and promotions you offer in your enterprise. For instance, if you run a gym, it would be unwise to write ‘visit us today simply.’ Instead, explain what advantages the visitors will enjoy.

Induce a Sense of Urgency

A sense of urgency is crucial in incentivizing your clients about your products. Some of the best ways to enhance this urgency include having limited-time offers and limited availability of such offers.

Include the Word FREE

It may be a four-letter word, but you should not ignore its power. This does not mean you have to give out everything without charges, but free incentives will boost your conversion rates. It is essential to include free gifts for the first purchase or similar offers.

Including a call to action in your marketing email needs more effort than most entrepreneurs think. Fortunately, the above-explained tip will help you understand this phenomenon better and boost your sales.