Three Ideas to Improve Your Facebook Fan Page SEO

Facebook is gaining wide popularity among Internet marketers and small businesses. Properly using Facebook can help you get your message out to a very large audience quickly and easily. Perhaps the best way to do this is by making a fan page so visitors can follow you and receive regular updates about things that are relevant to your brand. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of competition for limited attention to gain fan page followers. If you really want your fan page to stand out among the competition, a little “outside the box” thinking is in order. A little search engine optimization for your fan page goes a long way towards that end. Given below are 3 simple tips that will help you get your fan page ranked in the search engines so that you can get the maximum exposure.

The first thing you must do is to take advantage of the box labeled “About” to create text that will optimize your fan page. You’ll find this box, which is an incredible tool for optimizing your web page, just below the profile picture. You can have your important keywords appear here that relate to your business. The box is located in a strategic position on the CSS structure to carry a great deal of sway with search engines. However, there’s a limit of 250 characters in it, so make sure you utilize this space wisely and let Google handle the rest of it.

You should always link your videos straight from YouTube because of how powerful the video sharing site is. This is due to the fact that Google lends a lot of weight to videos, especially if they originate from YouTube. This could have awesome effects on your search engine rankings. So ensure that you put all your videos on your fan page straight from YouTube so that Google can use that to cause your page to jump in the serps. This isn’t difficult to do at all, as long as you make sure your pages are all relevant to the rest of the content on your page. You are sure to find tons of YouTube videos that fit this criteria. But before you include them in the stream of your page, ensure that the content is of good quality.

Lastly, make sure you are showing courtesy by thanking everyone who becomes your page’s fan. If someone finds your fan page using Google, then you need to thank them ASAP. You can even show more courtesy by returning the favor with a free coupon or an e-book. Never forget the simple thank you message that’s easy to send out. To sum up: once you have effectively optimized your page for the search engines you will realize that doing so is not all that hard and it won’t take much time to show the results you want. It is also very important to remember that properly optimizing your Facebook fan page is just one way to get the success you want. Working on your SEO over time is the best way to keep your search engine traffic growing every day. Even though there are a number of factors that go into making your fan page successful, how you build upon this traffic and leverage it further is what really matters.