If you have ever had to file an insurance claim, you have likely heard the term “insurance adjuster.” There are several types, including in-house and independent insurance adjusters. Below you can learn what an independent insurance adjuster is and how they can assist you through an insurance claim.

What Is An Independent Insurance Adjuster?

Every day, people file claims with insurance companies for damage done to their homes, vehicles, bodies, or other insured items. Once a claim is filed, it needs to be investigated to determine the extent of the damage and whether the insurance company is responsible for covering it. This is where an insurance adjuster comes in.

Most insurance companies have insurance adjusters on staff to handle these investigations. However, there are times when an in-house adjuster does not handle the claim. Typically, this is because they are already buried in claims or because the insurer does not have a local office.

In cases such as these, the insurer will often hire an independent insurance adjuster to investigate and help settle an insurance claim. Their job includes:

  • Studying the insurance policy thoroughly to ensure they have a clear understanding of what it covers and what it doesn’t.
  • Investigating the cause of the loss.
  • Examining any police or hospital reports, witness reports, and claimant interviews to get a full understanding of what occurred.
  • Speaking with any necessary experts.
  • Obtaining proof of the damage or injury.
  • Determining the extent of that damage or any injuries, along with the amount it would require to cover the costs.
  • Finding a suitable settlement offer.
  • Recommending any professionals that may be necessary for the damage or injuries to be addressed.
  • Negotiating with the insurer if you feel the settlement amount is unfair.
  • Authorize your payments to ensure you get the agreed-upon settlement.

Is An Independent Insurance Adjuster Fair?

As the insurer is typically the one hiring the independent adjuster, it’s easy to assume that the adjuster will favor the insurer. This is actually not the case.

Though they are hired to handle the claim, they are not directly employed by the insurer. They are instead a third-party, whose goal is to find the fairest settlement for both parties.

Additionally, if you have recently filed a claim or will soon, you can contact an independent insurance adjuster yourself. Doing so often helps claimants feel that they are getting the best possible settlement amount.

Insurance claims can be overwhelming, confusing, and stressful when you go at them alone. With an independent insurance adjuster by your side, though, you can breathe easier and trust that your needs will be met.