There’s no doubt that building a website in WordPress is one of the smartest things you can do for your business. It’s easy, simple, and gives overall control of everything that you do.

Plugins of all kinds are available for it. Over 55,000 plugins are available for WordPress users at the moment. Some are free, others are paid, but they all do a significant job for making webpages are a better place for visitors. Learn more about this here.

Taking care of a website is not an easy job. There are tons of small details that need to be addressed by the developers. WordPress experts turned into a wanted position over the years, and it is now an industry that’s huge.

In this article, we’re focusing more on the caching plugins. The caching plugin is important for more reasons. The main one is optimizing the speed of the site. Every page is expected to load within 3 seconds, and everything more is a danger for the business. That’s why we’re sharing 5 plugins that re going to rock in 2021. Keep up and learn more about them!

1. WordPress Rocket

This one, as the name suggests, is supposed to skyrocket your website. According to some experts, this plugin can raise the game tremendously. With turning it on and letting it work properly with its premium version, it will decrease the loading time for 1.13 seconds.

It is also going to speed it up for 34.67% which is a really impressive number. It is really easy to use, and as they say, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know how to turn it on and let it go to work. There’s also support that will help you at all times.

2. W3 Total Cache

W3 or W3 Total is one of the most popular plugins for caching on WordPress right now. It has a good score of 4.3 out of 5, and it has over a million downloads, which makes it really popular and wanted.

According to experts, this one can raise the game for 20 to 30 per cent. The page is going to be faster and the speed can be boosted for up to 1 second which very impressive. It requires WordPress 3.2 or higher, and PHP of 5.3 or higher versions.

3. WP Super Cache

This one is also highly popular. It stands at 4.2 out of 5 stars in the ranking at WordPress, and it also has over a million downloads by users. That makes it a sure shot. If you’re planning to get something like this, you can be sure that millions of people already tried these two before you. Most of them were happy with what they’ve got.

The tests show improvement of around 1 second when the speed of the website is in question and improvement of the loading time of around 28%. These are the numbers that we’re expecting to see caching plugins do their job.

4. WP Fastest Cache

These guys have a cheetah on their main banner when you approach for download, so you know they mean business. And indeed they do.

With 4.8 stars and over 100,000 downloads, you know they are doing a great job. This one is truly flying according to the users who had the chance to use it. However, according to experts, the only thing that’s flying is the cheetah in the image.

The score says that the loading time is improved by only around 15%, and the overall speed of the page is not significantly improved. Still, if the users love it, there must be a reason why, and you might as well try them out.

5. NitroPack

NitroPack stands at 20,000+ downloads and is currently one of the most popular with a score of 4.3 out of 5 stars from the 83 votes they’ve got. IT has all the cool features and it proves to be a rising star in the sea of cache plugins.

If you look at any NitroPack review, you’ll see that experts managed to take down even 3 seconds in the speed of the site in some cases. There’s a free version and a pro version. You can choose whatever you like and make sure that you’re getting that job done.

How to find the best one?

Generally, it all comes down to who’s the easiest to work with. Some have a better interface and others are more robust. If you’re a professional developer, then you’ll have no problem with using any of them.

When it comes to the speed improvement, they are all working just fine. Some are faster than others, but these are a matter of details and small issues. If you have a perfectly designed page, you’re not going to have a hard time installing any one of these to its job.

Make sure you’re installing the one that you seem best. There’s no wrong to try the free versions of them all and decide which one works for you best. After all, personal experience is valuable for everyone. What is excellent for someone, might be rubbish for others.

Also, you need to find out how’s asking for a higher amount for their pro versions. If you want to handle some real downtime in speed, you’re going to need to go with the premium. If someone asks for an amount that’s too high, then it’s better if you go with the other competitors.


These 5, and the explanation behind them should be enough for you to make a perfect choice. Go through the details, find out what’s crucial, test them all one by one and make a decision that will be best for your page and the visitors going to it.

Remember that there’s no valuable result without having a perfectly optimized page in terms of speed. Every SEO building starts with the speed of the site, so don’t forget to install a caching plugin that will outstanding.