What Season Is Your Online Network Marketing Business In?

I have a question for you: What season is your online network marketing business currently in?

In business and in life there are seasons. Every business goes through a period of harvest and a period of planting. This is what we call your seasons in business. When I first started building my network marketing business I had no concept of how to grow a successful business.

I was never told in the beginning, not that this was anyone’s fault, that before I achieved success I would have to go through a long slow season of planting. In life we know that there are technically four seasons; Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring.

We have to believe that when we are going through the winters in our online network marketing business that the harvest will come. Just like the seasons are a natural progression in life, this is the same in business. We will spend a lot of our time planting seeds by building our list, talking to prospects, and creating our marketing messages. There will also be times while we are doing this that our results will be far less than what we had planned. This is normal.

We must believe in our vision for our business and become results oriented. We need to focus on results and the completion of our goals. The good news is that just how Spring always comes, so does the harvest. Because of this we cannot base the success of our online network marketing business on day to day results because the harvest in most cases will come later, but it will come. We have to learn to plan for the winters in our business because they are inevitable. We can do this by managing our money better and saving for the winter much like people have had to store wood and food.

In closing, only you know what season your online network marketing business is currently in. My advice to you is to not get frustrated, but keep planting because the harvest is right around the corner.