What You Need To Know About Liquor Licenses

There are many different businesses which need a liquor license to thrive. These can include everything from establishments which serve alcohol to customers such as bars and restaurants to those which sell containers of alcohol for customers to consume at home like convenience and liquor stores. There are some specific steps that you will need to take to get an alcohol permit for your company, but the first two should be determining what kinds of licenses you need and what the regulations are concerning them.

What Kinds

There are two broad categories of liquor licenses, on-licenses and off-licenses, which sort establishments by whether the alcohol is meant to be consumed on or off-site. Each of these categories will have subsections based on what other products or services you offer, such as food, what types of alcohol you offer, such as wine or beer, and even the size of your establishment. You can get some help determining what type of texas alcohol permit you need by consulting the local regulations or hiring a firm to help you.

What Regulations

Each state, and some cities, will have different regulations for what is needed to get a license to sell liquor. You can usually find a list of these from the state regulating bodies or by talking to a local expert. Many regulations have to do with who can serve alcohol, whether food needs to be ordered alongside an alcoholic beverages and how many licenses are allowed in the state. The more you know about these regulations, the easier it will be to set your company up the right way to get approval.

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Whether you are looking for an alcohol permit for your convenience store or your bar, there are some common steps that you will need to take. You will first want to determine which type of license you need for your company and then go over the regulations to see how you can have the best chance for approval.