Who Ever Said Online Marketing Was Easy?

Online Marketing – Whoever said it was easy! Granted it has its rewards especially financially. The thing is before you could even begin to consider rewards you have to look at the sometimes monumental effort that one have to put in, in the initial stages.

There are many, many positives about being an online marketer. The question is what about the aspects of it that is not so attractive or encouraging.

The intent here is not to focus on the negative or to dissuade anyone from pursuing an online career. It is merely to point out that before considering a career in online marketing one should seriously consider a few areas of immediate challenge.

Here are some things I think that should be considered by any newbie who is considering moving into the online marketing arena. Most of these I share only from my own experience.

Be Prepared To Learn Some New Skills: Some of these could include learning to create your own website and publishing it to the web. Included here would be learning about domain hosting, domain names, basic HTML and all the other aspects relevant to website design and publishing.

Become An Online Social Animal: Become a member of as many social networks ( Facebook, Twitter) as is comfortable for you and speaks to your niche. Joining online forums would not hurt either, just be selective. Join forums where the conversation includes what you are talking about.

Be Prepared To Work Some Long Hours: Many online opportunities have promised us that 5 to 10 minutes every day is all we need to succeed. Well, after almost four years online I am yet to find the opportunity that really delivered on this promise. Just be prepared to put in some real hours in the beginning. The reward is that eventually your business could become automated enough to give you back some of that time in the future.

Be Open Minded And Teachable: To survive as an online marketer being open minded and teachable will catapult you forward faster than most things. Plug into the online movers and shakers and copy cat them. Open yourself to learning as much as you can from those who are already succeeding online.

Have A “Laser Beam” Focus: Once you decide what online marketing opportunity you will pursue I implore you to develop a “tunnel vision” mentality. Pour all of your energy and focus into that program. Do not for any reason get distracted by all the other “make easy money” opportunities popping up on your computer screen.

Be Very Prepared To Spend Some Money: Yes! Yes! I know they promised you that if you “get in FREE now you will make one hundred and fifty dollars every day”. Come on now! Who ever heard about making real money without spending money? So just be prepared to make some kind of minimal monetary investment in the beginning.

Those are some of the main challenges that should be acknowledged in my opinion when starting out in online marketing. Knowing that these challenges exist could allow some people to make a qualified decision as to whether online marketing is really what they are ready to pursue.

It can also be a useful guideline for getting started for those who know that marketing online is what they really want to do.

Above all it could save many frustrations and disappointments if we know and acknowledge that online marketing is like any other career path that we choose in life. It has its triumphs and it has it moments where it is fraught with challenges and negative experiences.