Why Adapting to Change Is the Best Skill Your Company Can Acquire to Win Online

Is a large part of your marketing efforts focused on B2B online marketing? In small and large B2B companies, that seems to be the new dominating scenario. No matter who your target demographic is or how traditional you consider your audience to be, it is more or less a given in these times that we are all doing a significant share of our marketing – in the online, mobile and digital world.

Don’t feel rejected if you find yourself struggling to understand the latest lingo, or confused as to what exactly you can do to make it all work. With new digital trends and concepts emerging almost daily, its hard for even the best most experienced marketers, to keep up to speed with the latest in online marketing.

Even if it oftentimes seems like competitors know exactly what they are doing, online – don’t be fooled. More often than not, they are just hiring the latest hyped agencies to help create and execute online campaigns for them.

In traditional industries, those that don’t naturally fit into they hyped online trends, B2B marketing departments still have a lot to learn on how to truly engage and attract their target audience online.

The best way for companies to start moving up the learning curve? experiment! try a mix of advertising, blogging or content marketing. Always keep the more general objective in mind – online campaigns are not only there to reach a small gain, or a specific strategy. They are a great opportunity to encourage an environment for learning. Learning about your customers, about their interest and about how they react to your products and offerings.

The digital, online and mobile environment is constantly evolving. The internet has been part of our life for less than a few decades and what a leap technology has made.

New technologies are emerging by the day, and it becomes very hard to keep up with the newest and latest disruptive inventions. Adapting to change becomes a skill any organization who wants to succeed in the online world needs to master.

Who can predict what is coming ahead? New disruptive technologies are sure to emerge in the near and far future. Stability is not something any marketer can rely on. What does a marketer to do?

To begin, consider this tip: shift your focus from the results of individual campaigns to the more organisation wide culture of learning and improving. Focus on the building knowledge and a skills-set, instead of gaining quick wins. Execution of the odd Facebook campaign or one or two social networks advertising efforts is not going to give you an edge in your industry. There might be good short term results, but your company forever will be chasing the latest and greatest ideas and trends, trying to copy them without a real strategy to follow.

To truly create a lasting competitive edge, and become a leader instead of a follower, invest in organisational learning. The results will follow.