Affiliate Marketing Truths

The Truth About Affiliate Marketing

We have been told about the magic of Affiliate Marketing and how easy it is to achieve success. Do you believe it? Well I am here to tell you, Don’t!

The truth is that the FORMULA is easy. In practice, it takes a few things to get to the point where you can say to your boss, “Thank you very much for giving me this job, but I am moving on. Give the opportunity to someone else.” At this point you will have made it to the point where you can maintain a steady income to replace your salary and begin to be really successful in your new career. Remember that word. ‘Career’

The successful Online Marketer treats his business as a career. Like so many other careers – medicine, engineering, plumbing, carpentry, you get the picture, what all these careers have in common is the fact that you have to acquire the skills. To do that you have to spend time learning the intricacies of the profession. In many of these it can take years to be proficient enough to start selling your acquired skill. While you are learning you do not jump from plumbing to carpentry because you are not satisfied with your progress. You stick with it until you become proficient in it. You need to put effort, time and focus in each before moving on to another, if you so desire. The same goes for online marketing.

You may be bombarded by offers in your inbox that promise riches tomorrow, or that very afternoon. Unless you already have the skills and tools to take advantage of that offer, you will be hopelessly frustrated because that’s not going to happen. The person making those offers is just you in the future. You will be doing the same thing. But first you have to know what you are doing and what you are getting into. You need knowledge. Get that first.

It is true that you can make money in a short time, but that is a concept of earn while you learn. If you acquire the basic skills you may be able to do that and with a system or a type of curriculum that takes you along that path, that is entirely possible.

I would just like to warn you about information overload. This is a condition that exists for people who jump from one opportunity to another without giving each the attention it deserves. Just as in school when you are studying a particular subject you focus on that course material, in the same way you need to focus on learning the techniques in an orderly fashion that avoids skipping from one tutorial to another. Can you be successful? Is it easy to learn? Does it take time, focus and studying? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’!

All you have to do is find a tutor or course with a track record of success that you trust and follow the instructions step by step and you will have success. In much the same way as you did in school. Then with that knowledge you can use your own ideas to improve on what you have learned. Just like any other profession or career.