Online Marketing for the Holiday Seasons

Every month, there is always some kind of holiday going on. Some are perceived as more important than others and some have become a haven for commercial success. Businesses, especially retail, are able to make a killing during holidays, especially Christmas for example.

All small business owners should be ramping up their online marketing efforts when it comes time for the holidays. Promotions and sales should be thought of and planned out beforehand so your business can be ready to hit the ground running once it comes time for holiday shopping. This can and will be a great way to promote your company even further during the busy holiday shopping days and customers will be more inclined to buy from you instead of your competitors.

If you operate an online store, offer free or discounted shipping

Free or discounted shipping is always a huge perk that customers look for. As customers look to make purchases online, after an item is added to their shopping cart, sales tax and shipping is added onto the price. Sometimes, it can turn a 10 dollar item into a 20 dollar item, after sales tax and shipping has been calculated. Free or discounted shipping eases the cost of the item and allows the customer to feel a bit more liberated financially when making a purchase.

Discounted items

Discounted products and services will always draw a crowd. With discounts, your business can target bargain hunters as well as regular online shoppers during a busy season and increase company sales. Always make sure to make your discounts prominent on your website so website users know where the discounts are.

Buy something, get something free

The buy one, get one free method is tried and true. During the holiday season, show your customers that your business is in the spirit of giving. Everyone likes free stuff and it can’t hurt to offer a little extra to draw in more customers.

Increase your online marketing exposure through PPC and SEO

Once holidays start to roll around, the more exposure your website has, the more traffic it is going to drive in. More people are looking to shop online; therefore, this is when you need to step up your online marketing and search engine marketing efforts. Your company’s SEO campaigns should be planned for and executed months in advance before a big holiday rush. Ideally, you should set aside at least 6 months to execute a fully fledged SEO campaign that way your website is ready to hit the ground running just in time for the holiday season.

If you are looking to invest in a pay per click marketing campaign, not as much time will be needed before the campaign. Ideally, set aside 1-2 months to have everything fully researched by a professional SEO & PPC company and be ready to go live in time for the holiday season.

Combine an aggressive online marketing campaign with the aforementioned holiday promotion tips and your company website will be looking at an exorbitant amount of sales increases.