Are You On The Slow Boat in Network Marketing?

It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go. Jim Rohn

Do you feel you are on the slowest boat going when it comes to building an online business and getting your first income coming in?

So how many network marketing companies have you been with up until now?

Most veterans have been in several network marketing companies, jumping around from one to the other because they can’t find the one to make them ‘rich’ overnight.


It don’t happen overnight, you don’t become the magic guru who suddenly is in the limelight and making tons of dough in a few weeks or months or in some cases within years.

All depends on how badly you want to be successful. Go back to look at your reasons why. How strong are they? Have they change?

If your WHY is not strong enough, then you will not focus.

If I had to start my network marketing business all over and build it up to where I am today, I would follow this one piece of advice.

Work on 1 or 2 areas within social media marketing or marketing. Become an expert in these areas, before moving on to other areas.

This one piece of advice would have saved me a fortune!

Not having direction or focus when you first start a business can have you running off in many directions.

This is the time where you need to take stock, put a plan together and stick to it.

Don’t get distracted.

So what are these areas?


Email marketing

Pay per click or any form of paid advertising





Better Networker



Attraction Marketing

Video Marketing


Direct Response Marketing

Article Marketing

Solo Ads

E-zine ads

Product Creation



Focus on one to two areas, become an expert in them. Do this consistently for 90 days and you will start to see success.

There are lots of tutorials and advice out there, but first and foremost look to your own business training library. If you have a primary online marketing business, then check out their video or training library first.

Try to aspire to be the best in your chosen marketing field, find ways of supporting users, provide them with solutions to their business problems.

Look to yourself. What problems do you have in business. Research and find a resolution then talk about it.

Build a step by step guide of how you got over your obstacles in marketing. This can earn you lots of income, as you can turn this into a product (e-book or course) where you can earn 100% income, as opposed to affiliate marketing where you only get a percentage.

I challenge you to work on one specific media for the next 90 days consistently, and see the magic happen.

Let me know how you get on by leaving comments below