Here Are 3 MLM Marketing Innovations That Will Forever Modify the Face of the Industry

As everyone in the industry knows, success in the MLM industry is a fluid process that is ever changing. Gone are the days of the outdated 3′ rule, chasing friends, and not having qualified leads. The industry has been set in its ways for over 40 years and recently has been shaken up by the rise of online marketing. Here are the three most impactful changes that will make the industry unrecognizable in 10 years.

The first thing that has changed the entire way people go about recruiting people into any opportunity has been the concept of attraction marketing. The idea has taken the entire industry by storm. The core principle of this idea is that people are naturally drawn to others that can provide them with value and leadership. It is ingrained in people to be attracted to others who can provide them with the things mentioned above.

Next, there is an explosion occurring in online social media sites. So much so, that Fortune 500 companies are hiring full time employees to manage their social media presences. They would not be committing salaries to people if they did not see the ROI for this marketing type. Social media is a great place to network with like minded people and learn and grow.

Finally, the concept of having a funded proposal is helping people to go from debt in marketing their MLM businesses to profit. The whole idea behind the funded proposal is to make money off of all the traffic you can drive through your sales funnel even if the people never join your primary MLM opportunity. Getting paid to prospect, what an awesome idea.

I am confident that these are the top three innovations that have and will continue to change the face of the MLM industry. In my estimation, there is no limitation to the power of these three items combined. Here’s to your success and getting in the 3%.