How To Double Your Business

Many of us have heard the 80/20 Rule. This rule is pretty much prevalent when it comes to network marketing, internet marketing.

This rule clearly states that 80 percent of your sales come from 20 percent of your customers. I will go further to say that.05% of all the visitors would drive more than half of your profits online.

And that is called the Hyper Responsive Customer.

That is 80/20 Rule further squared. The top 20 percent of customers also have the further top 20 percent within them (80% to 80% = 64%) (sales) (20% * 20% = 4%)(customers)

So 5% buyers or 0.05% of your visitors may drive more than half of your profits.

Now you already have laser target customer through SEO, or PPC and that is if your tags or keywords match your landing page or your website and your customer opts in.

Now after getting the laser target leads we have to find the hyper responsive customer.

The most simple way to find your best customer is to survey him. You have to ask him the biggest challenge he is facing in his current situation whether that be network marketing or online marketing or whatever you niche is.

Another way is to set up a tracking system or a scoring system that is how likely the person is going to respond to a continuity offer and then you can call those people in particular knowing that you are really into those clients who respond much more than others.

Most people in internet marketing when they start they think that sending autoresponder emails is enough and doesn’t cost much so let us not figure out which is a better customer or a worse are training your subscribers not to read your emails this way.

If you find your best prospects or customers you just have send emails to one-tenth or one-fifth of those survey your subscribers as much as possible. Survey Monkey is one the best free as well paid tools available for surveying your customers.

Find what they need and give them exactly what they want.