Secrets to Building Your Home Business

Do you know what the blood of your online home business is? You got it, online marketing leads, traffic to your business site. And, I’m not talking about just any traffic but quality leads to your site. Name a home business that can survive without online leads. Without leads, any business is simply dead. Your home based business is not an exception to that rule.

The vast majority of home business owners generate less than 5 leads per day. However, to be successful with your online business, you need a lead marketing plan that can produce an unlimited supply of online leads on demand, everyday. Also, if your lead marketing plan includes purchasing online leads, you should reconsider your plan. If you are buying your leads, you might have what appears to be a favorable number of online leads to your business, but what is the quality of those leads. How many of those purchased leads express an interest in your product or business? I suspect the quality of those leads is pretty bad.

It is extremely important to understand what you are buying, the quality of your online leads. Determine whether a lead is or is not a quality lead by how the lead responds to your offer. Some leads are tire kickers and will likely never buy anything from you, while others will be responsive to one or more of your offers.

So, what is a quality of online lead. There are a number of relevant factors but for this writing, I want to concentrate on just one… where do the top prospects hang out. The best quality lead is either an existing network marketer that is struggling or a prospect that is already actively looking to get into the home business arena. These quality leads represent a huge marketplace.

They represent the best traffic to your site. These are people who have already demonstrated that they want to be an online business owner. And, they have already shown, by their actions to spend money on an online business. They are the prospects that you should want to be right in the middle of. They represent the very best traffic to your site.

My online leads marketing plan is very simple: I don’t buy new leads, Ever! And, I only market my business to proven buyers, the very best traffic to your site.

With the technology available, there is now a software tool that will generate an unlimited supply of these top online leads. In fact, using this software you can generate as many new online leads as you will ever want. We have all heard that 97% of network marketers are destined to fail. That is the ugly truth. Most of them will never do research. They won’t make it to this article and learn the art of attracting endless network marketing leads. Take advantage of this tool and start getting quality traffic to your site.