Online Marketing Strategies – How to Build Backlinks

Building backlinks is one of the best online marketing strategies that has withstood the test of time. Having your website url on somebody else’s website is called a back link.

In this article I will offer several tips on how you can build backlinks to your website. Some of these you may not have considered.

1. Create a signature file and hang out in discussion forums. Be sure your website address is hyperlinked in your signature file. You create a link back to the web page you are hyperlinking to every time you add a post to a discussion thread.

2. Do article marketing. This is where you write and submit articles to online article directories.

Each article should include a bio box with your website address in it. There are thousands of article directories you can submit to and you may want to use an automation service to reach more of them quickly.

3. Subscribe to Google alerts for blog articles relating to the theme of your business. When you get one in your email box go to that blog and add a comment. Instead of using your name use a keyword phrase. Then add your comment and post your name in the comment box.

4. Reciprocal linking still works. This is where you trade links with other website owners. The important thing is to trade with relevant websites that have something in common with the theme of your own Internet business.

5. Do ezine advertising. If the ezine is archived online you will create a backlink with your ad in the issue that is published.

6. Do a press release and you have something newsworthy to announce. Use an online PR company.

7. Become a guest blog author. Many blogs are starving for fresh content. They will allow you to write an article and include your bio box on their blog.

8. Buy a text link on the sidebar of a large blog. This can create hundreds or thousands of links as the blog content increases.

9. Submit your website to online directories. Use a directory submission company or software to automate the process.

10. Try social bookmarking. Every time you make a blog post submit it to social directories with a services like Social Marker.

11. Create online videos and submit them to YouTube. Video marketing is very popular today and a great way to get quality backlinks.

When you consider online marketing strategies backlinks still work very well. Do these 11 that we have listed plus more of your own to create even more links back to your site.