Self-Image in Network Marketing

Why Your Self-Image is a Key Part of Your Personality

Self-image is how you see yourself as a person and how you think about yourself. If you value the type of person you are, you have a good sense of self-image and you’re proud to be you. You value your skills and talents, respect your own intelligence and act on your beliefs and feelings.

How Do You See Yourself

For example, if you see yourself, as calm, confident and competent in any aspect of network marketing, when you are engaged in that activity, you will feel calm, confident and competent. You will be positive and happy. You will perform well and get excellent results. If, for any reason, it doesn’t go well at that time, you will throw it off and dismiss it as a temporary situation. Your self-image is clear. In your mind’s eye you see yourself as good and capable in that area and nothing can interfere with your mental picture

Change Your Self-Image

One of the major benefits of self-development in network marketing results come from changing your self-image. To change your results in life you have to change yourself at the core; which is to change your self-image, so that when you are forcing yourself into a new level of existence (i.e. becoming something you’ve never been before), you’ve prepared your mind to accept it.

There is no other way. To try and become something you don’t believe possible (according to your self-image), you are fighting a survival mechanism that has been created by nature herself over millions of years. Change the information being fed to the sub conscious enough, and then you create change. The moment that you see yourself differently, you behave differently as well. And because you are behaving differently, you get different results.

Make a Commitment to Change

First and foremost, you should start feeding your mind with positive information and to do that you have to read and or listen to tons of books on a positive mental attitude, read about can do mindset and see are you able to replicate that for yourself.

Don’t keep putting yourself down!

People with low self-image often say negative things about themselves and may even go out of their way to put themselves down in company and point out their faults when it is not necessary to do so.

Pay attention to how you speak about yourself. Do you say negative things about yourself and your abilities? ‘I can’t…’ I’m not good at…’ ‘I always make mistakes…’ Do you deliberately point out your perceived faults or imperfections?

If you recognize this tendency, begin to work on avoiding negative references to yourself. Ask friends and family to remind you when you do so and correct yourself. Change ‘I can’t’ to ‘It’s difficult, but I can try’. Find positive things to say about yourself rather than criticism.

Practice this as much as you can.

Work Hard and Feel Good about Your Accomplishments

Working hard reaps rewards. It’s just the simple truth, you get places and get noticed when you put the extra effort in. When you do get recognition, appreciate it and celebrate it.

Celebrating your accomplishments is a great way to increase your self-image. Recognizing that you earned that promotion, that raise or that congratulatory pat on the back is an important part of feeling good about yourself and reducing any anxiety you might be experiencing as you work towards your goals.